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Whisky from out of space

 TAGS:undefinedThe famous Whisky brand Suntory, the principal Japanese manufacturer of this drink, launches studies to age the distillate in conditions of weightlessness. The goal is to gain a milder drink.

Suntory considers it possible, that the weightless conditions in space could have an effect on the movement of the liquids, in a way that the water and alcohol molecules unite more easily, resulting in a whisky with a milder taste.

So, the outstanding Japanese brand last August sent 5 kinds of whisky to the International Space Station (ISS), to study how they age in a weightless surrounding.

The launch took place at Tanegashima space center, located in the southwest of the country. The samples arrived aboard the unmanned Japanese freighter HTV 5, also called “Konotori 5” (white stork), together with 4,5 tons of various other supplies.

This experiment is carried out jointly with the Japanese space agency (JAXA) in the Japanese experiment module of the International Space Station, nicknamed Kibo.

Suntory tests two experimental groups of distilled spirits in this weightless conditions for different periods of time. The first group will return to earth in September 2016, the other one will stay at least 2 years in space, according to the specialised publication of The Spirits Business.

In each group, the selection of various samples of the different alcoholic drinks will be stored in the space station, while another identical sample will be stored in Japan during the same period of time. Like this, the effects of the environments on the aging process can be studied. “Even though the researchers have taken into account a variety of scientific approaches to elucidate the underlying mechanism of this process, we still don’t have the full picture of how it happens”, says the group.

Among the whiskys sent do the ISS, there are samples of 10, 18 and 20-year-old ones, as well as distilled spirits that have not yet been submitted to the process of aging.

Suntory has stated that the space aged beverages will not be sold to the public because the objective is experimental.

*Picture: Le voyage dans la Lune – Wikimedia Commons

 TAGS:The Yamazaki 18 YearsThe Yamazaki 18 Years

The Yamazaki 18 Years: a Single Malt whisky native of Japan with an alcohol content of 43º. 



 TAGS:Hibiki 12 Year OldHibiki 12 Year Old

Hibiki 12 Year Old: a Single Malt whisky made in Japan that presents an alcohol content of 43º.



 TAGS:The Yamazaki 12 YearsThe Yamazaki 12 Years

The Yamazaki 12 Years: a Single Malt whisky from Japan with an alcohol proof of 43º.



How to chose a whisky for a gift


If you don’t know what to give this holiday season, choosing a drink is one of the best options. If the gifted is a whisky lover, then you have it easy, since he will for sure looking forward to receive this gift.

Now, to choose a good whisky we must keep in mind a number of parameters, among which are the origin, the history, the brand, the type… you have to look if it is very refined and if it fits with the character of the person to whom we’re giving away. In order to get quality and not fall into the mistake of buying a minor bottle, it is noteworthy that whiskey must have wood or fruity aroma, not just alcohol.

To do this we should ask the seller and correctly read the labels. We recommend going to a shop that specializes in spirits, since they will better know and advise us on the whisky we really need to buy.

When we are guided by the parameters of age, we have to consider that single malt whisky establishes age by the years it has been in barrel, whereas if it’s not single, but blend, age indicates the youngest in the mixture.

If we want to buy a Scotch whisky, we will probably hit the target, but the price is slightly higher, while if we want a whisky with more alcohol content we have to know that it can be over 43 degrees. If we believe that price will give us great confidence, it is not always so, because it is best to consider if it is a limited edition, if it is more aged or much purer than others.

The origin of this drink is also a good parameter, since it will tell us a lot about is provenance and the country in which it was produced. If you’re going to spend money, you better try it before.

 TAGS:Hibiki HarmonyHibiki Harmony

Hibiki Harmony: a whisky from the Suntory distillery native of Japan with an alcohol strength of 43º.



 TAGS:Highland Park 12 YearsHighland Park 12 Years

Highland Park 12 Years: a whisky from distillery Highland Park Distillery produced in Scotland that presents an alcohol content of 40º. 



Photo: Fabrizio Sciami

Characteristics of Japanese whiskies


Beyond sushi, we often don’t know some of the signs that are part of Japanese gastronomy. They also have beers, wines and whiskies that are emerging within the market. Let’s learn a little more about them.

For years, Japanese whiskies are being promoted in the West thanks to its long tradition and American celebrities who take care of promoting it. The relevance of Japanese whiskies is growing, thanks to some of their outstanding examples, such as the 1984 Yamazaki Whisky, which has won several international competitions. In fact, Japan is the third largest producer of whisky, just behind Scotland and the USA.

Similarities with Scotch

We must remark that this type of Japanese spirit has an elaboration process similar to Scotch, with which has been equated on several occasions. For example, Japanese whisky is made from blends of malt, which is similar to the famous Scottish process, among other similarities.

Some examples

  • Whisky Yoichi 15 years: Japanese Single malt, with 45% alcohol content, quality and limited production with bottles numbered by hand.
  • Taketsuru 12 years. Japanese type vatted malt, which has a 43% alcohol content. Its high quality is represented by a wise maturation process in casks for a total of 12 years.
  • Whisky Yamazaki 10 years. It has several guarantees, thanks to being produced in the oldest distillery in Japan and by a careful and artisanal process.
  • Whisky Karuizawa 1960. Pure Japanese tradition, this whisky is a single malt Japanese type. Notable for being the oldest.
  • Nikka Pure Malt Black. It is one of the most similar to Scotch whiskies, for its strong malt flavours and traditional elaboration.


 TAGS:The Yamazaki 18 YearsThe Yamazaki 18 Years

The Yamazaki 18 Years: a Single Malt whisky from Suntory distillery from Japan with an alcohol proof of 43º. 



 TAGS:Nikka Miyagikyo 10 YearsNikka Miyagikyo 10 Years

Nikka Miyagikyo 10 Years: a Single Malt whisky native of Japan with a volume of alcohol of 45º.



The 10 top-selling Scotch whisky brands in the world


Scotch whisky remains the worldwide leader among spirits. So, it’s normal to have a great battle for position among the best selling brands. Want to know what they are? These 10 brands are most sought after and most reputable globally around the world.

Exports fell by 30% for Scotch sent to China, but it has significant sales in the United States, France and Mexico, among other countries, and the increase in demand in 2013 was 3%.

Buchanan’s: The Scotch whisky owned by Diageo increased its sales by 15% last year, outpacing growth of the other 10 brands for this ranking.

Teacher’s: This Scotch whisky brand produced in Glasgow, owned by Viga Inc, suffered a decline of 5.2% in terms of growth, becoming the largest regression among the brands of this statistic.

Bell’s: This Scotch whisky brand experienced a growth of 0.4% in 2013, advancing Buchanan’s and Teacher’s narrowly. 2.30 million place it in the eighth place.

William Lawson: Launched only 6 years ago in Russia, this whisky grew by 4.5% in 2013 and is currently owned by Bacardi.

Famous Grouse: This whisky brand experienced a drop in sales during 2013 of -2.2%, which put it in sixth place.

Dewar’s: Experienced an increase in sales in 2013 of 3.2%, joining this way Famous Grouse in sixth place.

J&B: This Scotch whisky owned by Diageo grew by 6.3% in 2013, climbing to fifth place in ranking and becoming increasingly popular in the global market.

Grant’s: This Scotch grew by 1% in 2013, losing positions in the list against Chivas Regal.

Chivas Regal: Its position on this ranking is due to the 0.6% increase in sales. Owned by Pernod Ricard, Chivas Regal is one of the most popular global whiskies.

Ballantines: With a small increase of 0.5% in 2013, it was not a banner year for this Scotch owned by Pernod Ricard, but it still beats Chivas Regal.

Johnnie Walker: Finally, the first place among the best selling whisky brands is for this well known Scotch, that has outsold by 10.5% its competing brands. Johnnie Walker is owned by Diageo.

Today we recommend:

 TAGS:Glenfiddich 12 Years Old 1LGlenfiddich 12 Years Old 1L

Glenfiddich 12 Years Old 1L



 TAGS:The Famous Grouse 1LThe Famous Grouse 1L

The Famous Grouse 1L



Let’s celebrate Saint Andrew!


The 30th of November is a very special day for Scotland, since Saint Andrew is celebrated and it is the national day of Scotland. Although they have not achieved independence, Scots, true to their customs, will go out on the streets to celebrate this day with parades, music and, of course, drink.

This day is celebrated with great fervour and patriotic exaltation, and the famous flag with the X (St. Andrews Cross) is taken out to the streets to venerate St. Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland. Traditional parades are everywhere, especially in large cities such as Glasgow and Edinburgh. The participants in the parade wear traditional kilts and bagpipes with the oldest tunes.

On this day it is essential to celebrate in pubs and at home with the best Scotch whisky, the traditional drink of the place. The origin of whisky in Scotland is old, since it goes back to the IV or V century, and it’s due to the monks who firstly performed the distillation of this drink. In the nineteenth century its use becomes more popular and spread to many countries.

In addition to whisky, on this day the pubs are filled with people who tasting beer, also totally traditional in the UK. The best known and drunk beers on Saint Andrew are ales, dark and malt- flavoured beers. These include Belhaven, Tennents and Caledonian. And if you do not want to drink alcohol, Scots toast with Irn-Bru, a popular soft drink.

During this festival take place music-related activities, food fairs, exhibitions and shows, as well as religious meetings in honour of the patron.

With such a celebration, drinking a glass of the best Scotish whiskies or a bottle ale beer is a must, isn’t it? We strongly reccomend you: 

 TAGS:The Famous Grouse 1LThe Famous Grouse 1L

The Famous Grouse 1L



 TAGS:Grant's 1LGrant’s 1L

Grant’s 1L



 TAGS:Dark Island Reserve 75clDark Island Reserve 75cl

Dark Island Reserve 75cl



 TAGS:Belhaven Scottish Stout 50clBelhaven Scottish Stout 50cl

Belhaven Scottish Stout 50cl

¿Why investors are moving from wine to whisky?


It seems that pressure from Asian investors in the wine world has discouraged traditional investors. Due to skyrocketing prices of top wines, investors are increasingly turning to Scotch and Japanese whiskies as an alternative investment.

Wine lovers will always be loyal, but trends always influence, like it or not, our decision making when buying and maybe more people could want to give a chance to whisky with these trends, which after occurring among investors will reflect also in the market and consumers.

In reaction to the growing number of fine wine investors setting their sights on whisky, Rickesh Kishnani, CEO of a wine investment company based in Hong Kong, created the first worldwide whisky fund in June.

Investors are looking for malt Scotch whisky brands such as Macallan, Bowmore and Dalmore, along with Karuizawa and Yamazaki, Japanese whiskies.

Recently a bottle of Hanyu Ichiro Malt Ace of Spades (Japanese whisky) sold for HK $ 85,750 (equivalent to 8,400 Euros) at a Bonhams auction in Hong Kong, exceeding the price of a case of Chateau Margaux 1982 sold at Sotheby’s New York in June.

The bottle of this Japanese whisky was number 5 of 122 distillations in 1985, aged in old sherry casks and bottled in 2005.

As a result of this boom, tender prices of old and rare whiskeys are soaring. A sign of it: Sotheby’s sold a Macallan “M” single malt 6 litres in January at $ 4.9 million (over 3,750,000 Euros).

According to the Scotch grade index of investment, top 100 single malt whiskies gave an average yield of 440% since the beginning of 2008 until the end of July this year.

?It’s crazy, demand has skyrocketed?, said David Wainwright, managing director of the auction house Zachys Asia.

In addition to the rising value of old and rare whiskeys, the recent increase in demand has fuelled fears about speculators flooding the market.

With about 100 distilleries in Scotland for malt production, many are unable to keep pace with the recent surge in demand, due to the long ageing process of whiskey.

It is expected that auction market of whiskey will continue increasing its numbers this year, and on the other hand, the decline in value of fine wines can be great news for many who seek to enrich their personal cellars.

Today we recommend two whiskeys to invest… If you can avoid the temptation to open them!

 TAGS:Hibiki 21 Years

Hibiki 21 Years

Hibiki 21 Years


 TAGS:The Macallan 15 Fine Oak

The Macallan 15 Fine Oak

The Macallan 15 Fine Oak

Rob Roy cocktail


Cocktails with whisky are delicious. Specifically, today we show a cocktail made with this liquor that has a long and interesting history. The Rob Roy cocktail mixes scotch whisky, something that differentiates it from Manhattan cocktail, so the flavor will also be a little different.

This cocktail pays homage to the Scottish historical character Robert Roy MacGregor, Rob Roy, also known as the Scottish Robin Hood. It is said that began to be prepared in the bar of Waldorf Astoria Hotel. And thanks to the story of Rob Roy, who became popular in different parts of the world, such as America, the cocktail increased its popularity. Therefore, its origin is Scottish and is also made with a whisky from this country.

Note that this is one of the few cocktails made with Scotch whisky, because there are not so many. This is because this type of whisky is usually something stronger.


  • 2 ounces of scotch whisky
  • 3/4 ounce Italian vermouth rosso
  • 1 dash Angostura bitters
  • Ice
  • Cherry or orange peel


It’s really easy to prepare. Simply mix these ingredients in a shaker with ice. Then serve in a previously cooled cocktail glass, so that it can be drunk quite cold. You can decorate with a cherry or a little orange peel.


Some of the variants of Rob Roy cocktail allow to change some ingredients, such as introducing a bit of dry vermouth and another part of sweet vermouth. And some people replace sweet vermouth by a somewhat drier vermouth. However, we must recognize that red vermouth is better because its taste pairs better with scotch whisky.

 TAGS:Chivas Regal 12 Years 1LChivas Regal 12 Years 1L

Chivas Regal 12 Years 1L



 TAGS:Campari 1LCampari 1L

Campari 1L

How to tell if a whisky is good (I)


As far as whisky is concerned, there are a number of preferences both to choose and buy it and to be served and enjoyed, but since it never hurts to know what the experts say, these tips may be helpful distinguishing a good whisky and enjoying it.

Many people enjoy less the quality of whisky by mixing it with sugary sodas and they can not perceive the taste and characteristics of the beverage. In the words of Xavier Monclús, tasting instructor in Europe for Louis Vuitton Möet Mennesy Spain (LVMH), there are keys to differentiate and enjoy a good whisky.

  • Smell: When approaching the nose to whisky, it should not smell of alcohol excessively, avoiding to perceive the other characteristic aromas of the drink. In case of encountering a whisky with an exaggerated odor of alcohol, we can immediately identify its low quality, ?When we get to a whisky, first thing is to check its good alcoholic integration; it should not smell offensively of alcohol?, says Monclús.
  • Taste: As with the aroma, the taste of the first sip of whisky is what defines generally our perception. Regardless of its alcohol content, we should not feel anesthesia or irritation in the mouth because of alcohol. ?Although alcohol in mouth is more present than in the nose, we never have to feel anesthesia in the mouth by alcohol. If you drink a whisky and the presence of alcohol is so important that irritates and anesthetize your mouth, it means that you will no longer be able to enjoy the whisky?, says Monclús.
  • Price: While it is widely believed that the most expensive whiskies are better quality, having better reputation, it’s worth investing a little more to take home a single malt 10 to 12 years, instead of a blend. It is also important to take care of our health, so Monclús said: ?It is much better to drink little and very good rather than a lot and cheap. We only have one liver and, if it is possible, everything that enters our body must be of the highest quality. Bad products will bring us only troubles: liver problems and problems the next day?.

So, what is your favorite whisky? What will you recommend to us? Today we show you two must-try whiskies:

 TAGS:The Famous Grouse 1LThe Famous Grouse 1L

The Famous Grouse 1L



 TAGS:Jameson 1LJameson 1L

Jameson 1L

Types of whiskey

 - As we all know, the whisky is a cereals distilled beverage of Irish and Scottish origins, which dates back to the time of the Celts. The first written documents do not appear before the XV century. This is one of the most consumed alcoholic beverages in the world, and a culture around its production and tasting has developed, comparable, in some countries, with the wine culture of the Mediterranean area of Europe.

If we classify the different types of whisky, its place of origin is key, since according to where the raw materials used are produced, the beverage can vary greatly, and its development process, which may involve different techniques that influence taste and nose, aging and conservation.

Thus, we can distinguish between the following categories:

Among the Scotch there are different varieties: The grain whiskey, non- malted barley and corn, and aged for a minimum of 4 years. The Malt whiskey, which is usually the most appreciated, elaborated entirely from malted barley and aged in oak that previously contained Sherry or Bourbon. The Blended, which comes from the mixture of the above, so that a variety of aromas and flavors with different characteristics are created.

The Irish one is similar to the malt whisky in its preparation, but is distilled three times and uses a portion of unmalted barley and dried malt coal instead of peat, such as Scotch whiskey. The result is a drink with a more pronounced flavor and great personality..

As for the Americans, the best known is the bourbon, made from corn, malted barley and rye, but we must also highlight the rye varieties , corn (maize), tennessee (similar to bourbon but greater presence of com corn) and Canadian, developed on rye and malted barley and corn presence in smaller proportions.

Today we recommend :

 TAGS:The Famous Grouse 1LThe Famous Grouse 1L

The Famous Grouse 1L



 TAGS:Jameson 1LJameson 1L

Jameson 1L

Whiskey sour: cocktails with whisky


The Whisky Sour is a cocktail from Chile, and more specifically from the area of Iquique, which means “place of rest.” While Sour means sour, obviously, and is used to identify the beverage containing lemon. It is one of the most popular whiskey cocktails.

Elliot Stubb is the inventor of the Whisky Sour, and reportedly had a dream to start his own bar but worked on a boat, one day the ship arrived at the port of Iquique in Chile and Elliot, after admiring the place, decided that it would be the site for his dream, founded his bar and invented different cocktails, until one day he blended whiskey with lemon juice, then to soften the bitter taste he decided to add sugar to the mix, finally getting what we all know as Whisky sour.

The Whiskey Sour is usually served as an appetizer before meals and should be served in Old-fashioned cup or rocks glass, garnished with a lemon peel on the edge.

Whisky Sour


  • Ice
  • 45 ml of Whisky
  • 2 teaspoons of sugar
  • 30 ml lemon juice
  • Lemon rind.

Step 1:

Mix in shaker ice, whiskey, lemon juice and sugar.

Step 2:

Then serve the cup with ice.

Step 3:

Garnish with a spiral of lemon before serving.

Instead of whiskey, some people use Bourbon for this cocktail, but most follow the original recipe.

We recommend you try these whiskies on Uvinum:

 TAGS:The Famous Grouse 1LThe Famous Grouse 1L

The Famous Grouse 1L



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Jameson 1L