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Cava : the memory keeper

 TAGS:In recent years, multiple studies have shown the benefits of food and wine on the health of people, if consumed with moderation. The presence of certain chemical compounds in the alcohol, associated with a balanced diet (which should be close to the Mediterranean diet) and regular and light exercise, demonstrate, therefore, to be a good way to prevent diseases of all kinds, especially those related to cardiovascular problems, certain cancers, high cholesterol or arthritis.

But what had not been tested so far were the advantages of drinks like cava with the memory. Thus, an investigation of the University of Reading says that drinking three glasses of this sparkling wine can help to fight the effects of brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. The last one, dementia, although usually manifesting in advanced age, probably finds its roots in middle age, from age 40.

According to this study, the presence of phenolic acid in the grape varieties that cava is made of is directly related to these beneficial effects. To do this, there?s been experiments with laboratory animals, and it was found that after regular consumption of sparkling wine (mixed with food), subjects improved their performance to run a maze, going from 50% success to 70% within a period of only six weeks.

Traditionally, it is always said that the grapes are an infallible remedy for memory loss. But we did not know if this statement had any scientific basis. Now we have a hint of something similar, but the final test still has to be done, with a group of over 60 years, for three years. They will be the subject of a study to definitively prove or disprove the preliminary findings of the study, led by biochemistry professor Jeremy Spencer.

Want to have an elephant memory? Then buy cava! Today we recommend:

 TAGS:Segura Viudas Reserva HeredadSegura Viudas Reserva Heredad

Segura Viudas Reserva Heredad, one great cava of Segura Viudas



 TAGS:Delapierre Etiqueta Negra Semi-secDelapierre Etiqueta Negra Semi-sec

Delapierre Etiqueta Negra Semi-sec, one of the most afordable cava of Delapierre

Sangue di Giuda : The wine of Judas

 TAGS:The wine of Judas (Sangue di Giuda) is called in this way for its intense ruby red color with purple and bright flashes. It is originated from Italia. The legend says that Judas, after betraying Jesus, returned to his land as a sign of repentance and more specifically to the city of Oltrepo. The locals recognized him and tried to kill him. In order to save himself from this death he solved the vineyards? problems with a miracle. After that the red wine of this region was called Judas or Judas’ Blood.

Its flavor is slightly sweet and slightly sparkling, is produced in the cellars Conte Vistarino in Giordi Rocca district, featuring 826 acres where Croatina, rare grape and Barbera are grown. Its production is special:  fermented twice, in his second alcoholic fermentation it is poured in pressure tanks, producing the bubbles of CO2 that please the consumers. The result is a very fresh and sweet wine like Lambrusco.

This wine is very well appreciated by female consumers who enjoy its sweetness and fruit flavor, also great for pasta, cheeses and white meats. It is available in the Spanish and English market since not long, be sure to try and evaluate its flavor and quality.

Want to try the Sangue di Giuda? Today we recommend:

 TAGS:Sangue Di Giuda GatopardoSangue Di Giuda Gatopardo

Sangue Di Giuda Gatopardo



 TAGS:La Versa Sangue Di Giuda Frizzante Dolce Doc 2012La Versa Sangue Di Giuda Frizzante Dolce Doc 2012

La Versa Sangue Di Giuda Frizzante Dolce Doc 2012

Wine against stress

We know that wine has many properties. It maintains heart rate, is an antioxidant and provides general health. Many doctors recommend drinking one or two glasses a day.

It also serves to reduce the stress. A study of the University of Sunderland in England analyzed the drinking habits of five different groups of workers, both public and private sector between 21 and 55 years old. It states that British consumers who drink wine use it as a stress reducer.

This happens much more in the middle class workers. In fact, it establishes that they can drink wine to escape, for example, after a tiring day. The choice is based on the knowledge of each drink when choosing the type of drink they want, either for dinner or for a quiet drink.

Research of the University of Sunderland concluded that there is a common perception among some groups of people who regularly drink wine at home to combat stress. And it states that they normally have a low consumption, regulated, studied and nothing problematic.

And that wine, particularly red wine, provides minerals for the body, such as zinc, magnesium, iron and potassium, as well as improving blood circulation in the brain.

Wine is an anti-stress drink, since the percentage of alcohol is relatively low and acts directly as relaxing in the brain.

Does it mean that a good Rioja wine will help you be more relaxed? By the way, today I recommend two great wines for you:

 TAGS:Campo Viejo Crianza 2008Campo Viejo Crianza 2008

Campo Viejo Crianza 2008



 TAGS:Dinastia Vivanco Reserva 2005Dinastia Vivanco Reserva 2005

Dinastia Vivanco Reserva 2005

Spring drinks

 TAGS:Spring is back, the sun begins to shine, the days are longer and we are looking for fresh air. Thus, the most refreshing drinks are the stars of the season.

The terraces are filled with friends, installed in order to chat and have fun while the day goes away. In these encounters nothing better than to enjoy a good beer, if lager, much better, by providing less consistency, more freshness and lightness, and fewer degrees of alcohol.

The pink and white wines are perfect for outdoor midday. They can be combined with salads, pasta, paella, fish and as an appetizer before a heavy meal. And to wash it down, mid-afternoon, nothing better than a sweet wine that will combine perfectly with many different desserts.

The Saturday and Sunday noon spring are also perfect for informal meetings with friends or families. Gin and tonics is the perfect cocktail for this meeting, accompanying all sorts of meats and food.

In parallel, the pink martini also has a great success during this period of the year.  It’s the classic cocktails of all time; you can even enjoy it before dinner, something that is a getting more and more usual in European cities.

The heat makes us want sweeter flavors. The fruit liqueurs are perfect to quench thirst and provide new and sweet experiences to the palate: from peach, pear, to other more exotic flavors such as lychee, coconut, blackberry, guarana

 And after dinner, we recommend refreshing herbal liqueurs, coffee, pacharán or limoncello sweeter and milder.

 Do you dream about a fresh beer for the days of pre-summer heat? Here you go!

 TAGS:Blanc PescadorBlanc Pescador

Blanc Pescador



 TAGS:Peñascal Rosado AgujaPeñascal Rosado Aguja

Peñascal Rosado Aguja

Sancerre’s wines

 TAGS:Sancerre is a wine region on the banks of the Loire. In this region there are numerous hills full of vineyards that form a great landscape. In Sancerre different soils and microclimates enables the cultivation of different varieties for wine production. From 250-400 meters above sea level, this area is characterized by dry winters, reliable rainfall for the months of May and July, and heat in the months of August and September.

The vineyards of Sancerre were created in the Middle Ages. King Henry IV was a lover of good wine. According to the legend, King Henry IV used to say that the local wine was so good, that wars would not have existed if his enemies had tried it. During the nineteenth century the wines of Sancerre, Beaujolais and Côtes-du-rhône were the closest and best-selling wines in Paris. At this time the wine had soft colors and poor concentration, as they were very exhausted to offer larger quantities. This technique led to booming sales of white wines.

The grapes most commonly used to make wines of Sancerre are Sauvignon Blanc for whites and Pinot Noir for reds. In the late nineteenth century were grown Pinot Noir and Gamay for reds and for whites Meslier and Sauvignon. But it was not until after the First World War that the wine country truly developed, replanting the area with Sauvignon.

Until the late 80s and early 90s all Sancerre white wines were fermented and aged bypassing or oak wood barrels. They were carried out in steel tanks without lees for approximately six months before bottling. In recent years, many producers use wood for the fermentation process, producing the best cuvées in the oldest vines. Producers Thomas-Labaille Crochet create late harvest during favorable vintages.

The reds are not very colorful, but they are very aromatic with red fruit, licorice, cinnamon and flower tastes. The pink ones have opened color, aromas of fruit, mint, and pepper.

Want to try wines from Sancerre? We recommend:

 TAGS:Sancerre Saget Rouge 375ml 2009Sancerre Saget Rouge 375ml 2009

Sancerre Saget Rouge 375ml 2009



 TAGS:Sancerre Pierre Archambaut Rosé 2009Sancerre Pierre Archambaut Rosé 2009

Sancerre Pierre Archambaut Rosé 2009

How many bottles must I buy?

 TAGS:Are you one of those people who enjoy organizing meeting with friends and family at home, but always doubt about the right amount of wine you need to buy? It might help you to know that the international standards are 6 glasses of wine per bottle. But you must consider some specificities in order to please all your guests.

It is important to note that the amount of wine used is different for each occasion. If during a regular occasion you will be able to serve 6-7 glasses of wine per bottle, you must keep in mind that the tasting glasses have less capacity than regular glasses.

The wine bottles classic content is 0.75 liters, and the glasses themselves have a standard capacity of 125 milliliter. But those standards can be changed, a good example is the glass of Bordeaux. These differences are generated by the type of wine and its flavor, because some of them (such as Muscat) should be used moderately in order to keep the taste.

The temperature issue has an impact on the number of glasses per bottle. Sometimes, by serving hosts several small amounts of wine in repeated rounds you can prevent a too big change of temperature.

If you take these factors into account, and if you do a conscious choice on the type of wine you will serve, you will have a better estimation of the amounts of wine you need to buy for your celebration.

Are you ready to serve wine? Today we recommend two great wines at the best price:

 TAGS:Siglo Saco Crianza 2008Siglo Saco Crianza 2008

Siglo Saco Crianza 2008



 TAGS:Palacio de MonsaludPalacio de Monsalud

Palacio de Monsalud

Great Italian white wines

 - Although Italy is renowned for its red and rosé wines, it produces also white wines. His most recognized appellations of origin produce high quality white wines, fresh, full-bodied and with a light touch of spicy flavor that usually fascinate the most demanding palates.

We have an example of this in Tuscany, a region famous for its Chianti and other red wines, which elaborates also white wines made with the Vernaccia grape variety. Their elaboration is mainly located on the famous medieval town of San Gimignano. 

Verona produces the soave, another of the most popular white wines. Made from Garganega and Trebbiano di Soave varieties, is usually somewhat dry and goes perfect with salads, fish and seafood. 

The Classic Orvieto, meanwhile, made in Umbria, is usually sweeter and somewhat dry, defining characteristic of most of the Italian white wine. The Orvieto provides transparent yellow color and a delicate scent, besides having a fresh taste and a bitter touch. 

In this review of Italian white wines, we can not miss the Frascati, which comes from the city of the same name within the region of Lazio, in central Italy. The Frascati wine is dry and intensely fruity. It is usually served cold to drink with appetizers before a meal and is made from Malvasia and Trebbiano grapes. 

Perhaps one of the most known Italian white wines is the Marsala, produced in the region surrounding the city of Marsala in Sicily, and it is one of the most exported to different countries. The Marsala is made with the white grape varieties Grillo, Inzolia and Catarratto. And it is also usually served cold with the first or second course, or even with desserts, because of its dry and sweet taste.

 TAGS:Casa Sant'Orsola Moscato d'Asti 2011Casa Sant’Orsola Moscato d’Asti 2011

Casa Sant’Orsola Moscato d’Asti 2011



 TAGS:Planeta la Segreta Bianco 2011Planeta la Segreta Bianco 2011

Planeta la Segreta Bianco 2011

Wines of DO Bierzo, innovation and tradition

 - Do you know the wines of Bierzo region? They are becoming more and more popular and widespread thanks to their tradition and pure modernity offer to suit the times.

The Bierzo is a region located in the west of the province of León in the autonomous community of Castilla y León, a well known land by its production of wines, varied and rich in aroma and flavor.

For this reason the wines of DO Bierzo are unique, thanks to the land where they are produced, with diverse landscapes with fields, valleys and mountains and a special orography which determines the character of its wines.

The varieties used for their production are the red grapes Mencía and the whites Doña Blanca and Godello, but also highlights the Garnacha Tintorera, Palomino or Malvasia.

The reds are quite popular and we can highlight the young wines, often performed with 70% of the Mencia variety, while the aged wines are exceptional 4 years after their elaboration. The red wines taste and smell of wild fruits and can become a bit acidic, elegant and velvety.

But whites are also tasty, with aromas of fruit and flowers, with hints of herbs, very fresh, something sweet, full-bodied and also recommended for all seasons. The colors, transparent or straw yellow, offer vivid reflections.

The rosés are usually result of a mixture of red grapes, 50% Mencia grape with white grapes. It is notable by its different colors, from burgundy to orange, plum or light pink. And in their taste you’ll notice strawberries, raspberries… and sweet notes that recall the mixture of white varieties used in their elaboration.

Wine, the best afterchristmas present for dads


Wine lovers! If you have been good this year, you deserve the best and so you will certainly end up the holidays very happily with a good wine as a gift. Perfect for welcoming a year full of good hope.

You know, wines have many properties to the body and also give us a great deal of comfort. Request, then, a wine for special occasions, a wine tasting to learn about the aromas and the various flavors or a day at a spa trying the benefits of wine therapy.

And do not forget the Corkscrews and Decanters, so you’ll have a complete wine kit for your special moments.

This time, one of the wines that you can include in your letter to Santa Claus is the white Paco & Lola 2010. DO Rias Baixas and elaborated with albariño, it will delight you by its yellow-green transparent color, its aroma of citrus and fresh and a light and fresh flavor that makes it the perfect wine for seafood.

The rosés are increasingly gaining projection. This is because its bubbles and freshness are ideal in in any season, but in spring they taste better. Surely Santa will not ignore you and bring a Gran Caus Rosado 2011. A delightful Penedès which is great for sweets and fruits. Its intense fruity aroma will transport us to other seasons and its powerful taste, more like a red than a rosé, are something different.You can not wait that long to open it!

The red star to celebrate Christmas is Pago de Carraovejas Crianza 2010, a fine red, merlot and cabernet sauvignon based Ribera del Duero that goes well with any dish. You will enjoy for sure!

Torrontes grape, an enchanting Southamerican

 TAGS:Torrontés grape is the responsible for some of the most seductive white wines in South America. Chile, and especially Argentina, are proud of this grape variety which due to its freshness and features, results in white wines noted for their fine character.

I cannot resist mentioning that this grape can also be found in some white wines in Spain. And although we can have it in wines from Yecla, Montsant, Catalunya and Alicante, when I personally like it most is when it comes from Galicia (as the Sanclodio or the Viña Mein, both Ribeiro wines).

It is no coincidence that the best results are reached when grapes are obtained from vineyards planted in colder and humid climates as this grape variety works best in this type of weather conditions. That?s the reason why many people consider it the most typical grape of Argentinian white wines. In fact, Salta and La Rioja in this same country are the main producing regions. The first of them is notable for its height (about 2000 meters), which however does not mean that it does not receive a major portion of hours of sun each year.

Nevertheless, the most curious aspect of these wines is that, despite its fruity character, if we talk about the aroma they come with a surprisingly dry taste, medium intensity, when it comes to taste them. Usually they do not have an excessive alcohol content, 12% alcohol content maximum around, which makes them perfect for almost any occasion.

It is said that Torrontes grape could come from the Muscat grape, not only because of its resemblance as fruit but for the variety and similarities of both their aromas, another reason for those who have never tried this type of white wines that can decide them to taste some as soon as possible.

If I had to choose between all the Argentine white wines made from this grape I’d take two, San Telmo Esencia Torrontés 2009 and La Consulta Torrontés 2010. The first because it is on the edge of aging that the experts on this grape recommend for its consumption (it is said that it is best to consume it in the year or maximum after two or three years at most), and the second because it belongs to a winery , Finca la Celia, which fully succeeds in all the wines they produce, or at least all the ones that I have tasted until today, including also the red ones.

Want to buy wine with Torrontés grape? Here you are our suggestions:

 TAGS:Viña Meín Blanco 2010Viña Meín Blanco 2010

Viña Meín Blanco 2010, a unique combination of grapes to get a great wine



 TAGS:Leo Torrontés 2011Leo Torrontés 2011

Leo Torrontés 2011, a join venture of Valentin Bianchi and Leo Messi