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Matthew McConaughey: from Oscar to Whiskey


Don’t worry, we’re not saying that the good Matthew has left his career for whiskey. On the contrary, he has left the cameras for a moment to dedicate himself to directing. However, not in the conventional way as many actors do. Something very different: he has debuted as a director of commercials for the original company of Kentucky, in the USA. Wild Turkey Bourbon.

This collaboration was announced in August of this year, and originally McConaughey was first contacted by the sister company of Wild Turkey, Campari, to hire him as the face of the company. However, Matthew had other plans, as he offered to work with them but as a writer, director and star of the campaign.

“I wanted to take the whole project with my own hands,” McConaughey said at a press conference with Jimmy Russell and Eddie Russell, the father and son of the Wild Turkey team. “I would like to be responsible and an important part of the campaign and not just the face of it.”

Unveiled in September at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn, New York, a mini-documentary of just 6 minutes was shown where the actor can be seen walking through the distillery tasting whiskey accompanied by the Russells. A shorter, 30-second ad, where you can watch The Hot 8 Brass Band in New Orleans, was launched nationwide in the United States as part of the global campaign.

That will be the first part of 3 more films that Matthew wants to do — as if it was a story divided into three acts. The actor will also be appearing in printed ads. The decision to bring McConaughey to the company and release him as the lead creative for the campaign was taken under the premise of reaching a younger audience, and although the actor admits that he does not have a strong record with whiskey, he says that he enjoys it a lot, as well as red wine.

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Wild Turkey 101: a bourbon with origins in United States with an alcohol strength of 50.5%. Uvinum users give this Wild Turkey 101 4,7 of 5 points.



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Wild Turkey 81: a whisky produced by Nichols Distilling Company with origins in United States with an alcohol content of 40.5%.

The American bourbon


American bourbon, american whiskey or simply bourbon, it is a drink that comes in the category of distillates and is considered as a part of the whiskeys family. This is a very aromatic beverage with a hint of caramel flavor, which makes it easily distinguishable from Scotch or English whiskey.

Under U.S. law, the American whiskey label is only applicable on drinks prepared with corn at 50 % to 70 %. The rest is filled with wheat, barley or malted rye. Aging is usually only two years, and may spend about 5 years in oak barrels.

The history of American bourbon

The history of American bourbon goes with American history. It all began in 1774 in the village of Fort Harrod (now Harrodsburg – Kentucky) , the inhabitants of this village have started planting corn fields. Crops have been so good that they had surplus. It is at this moment that they began the development the Bourbon.


From 1777, the National Congress headed by George Washington established the famous stars and stripes flag. They asked for more alcohol to their armies. The first commercial distillery appears in 1783 in the city of Louisville – Kentucky, owned by Evan Williams. Two years later, in 1785, the country’s authorities are beginning to encourage the development of American bourbon.

The Governor of Virginia Thomas Jefferson, offered 15 acres of land for planting corn to those who wanted to settle in Kentucky (the area was inhabited by Indians). Many people came and began to cultivate maize. The results were way higher than that needed for a family; they started making bourbon, which quickly became popular.

Bourbon name is of French origin. The French had played an important role in the War of Independence. In honor of the French royal family, the Bourbons and the King of France Louis XV, part of Kentucky was named Bourbon. The drink then took the name of the place where it was produced.

The Congress of the United States, in a resolution adopted in 1964 declared bourbon as a distinctive product of the United States. The official name became Bourbon Whiskey. Another story says that the creator of this drink was the Baptist minister Elijah Craig, but it is without historical documentation.

You want to taste this American drink? We recommend some of the top rated:

  • Maker’s Mark Bourbon 6 Years: A balanced and easy to drink bourbon. It has the aroma and slightly sweet taste of caramel, very tasty.
  • Bourbon 12 Years Old Virginia: The aging is present. In addition to the typical aroma of bourbon, you can add the coal, and leather, which comes from its development in barrels. Beautiful.
  • Wild Turkey Bourbon: One of the more traditional bourbon. Developed in Kentucky, the birthplace of Bourbon. This is probably the most popular Bourbon and most consumed in the United States. A reference.

Which one do you prefer? How do you drink it? “On the Rocks” ? Plane?