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How to choose the right wine glass


Just like there are dozens of different types of wine, each suitable for a particular time or event, the glasses in which they are served must also offer a wide degree of variety since the shape influences the taste of wine. A fact that we have to take into account when enjoying a drink.

Generally speaking, all the experts agree that the wine glasses should be made of crystal or transparent glass, without decorations and colours and, if possible, they must be made with materials of the highest quality possible. The disadvantage is that price of the finest crystal glasses can be quite high, considering the fact they can be very fragile as well. As for the shape, the goal is to enjoy the wine’s taste and aroma in the best possible conditions.

Wine glasses

  • Glasses for red wine: red wines are usually served in tall cups with a big and rounded chalice with a large aperture (“mouth”) that enables the wine to breathe. Through the contact with the open air, we can appreciate its aromas. Among the glasses of red wine, there are also more specific varieties. For instance, a Bordeaux glass is tall with a smaller chalice, designed for the wine to reach the back of the mouth easily and maximise the flavour. Burgundy glasses are slightly shorter with a wider chalice to better appreciate the qualities of wines like Pinot Noir.
  • Glasses for white wine: these glasses are usually narrower, allowing the wine to keep a cooler temperature and offering its aromas to us.
  • Glasses for rosé wine: although a white wine glass can also be used for rosé, there are specific designs for them. Ideally, the best thing is to drink it in a short chalice and a slightly flared base.
  • Glasses for sweet wine: they are smaller than the previous glasses and there’s a vast variety of shapes that will depend on the kind of wine you are drinking.

Glasses for champagne and sparkling wine

You can find plenty of different shapes on the market. But it’s recommended that the cups for sparkling wine are transparent and made of thin and fine glass without decorations or colours. This way, we can better appreciate the overall look of cava or champagne, the quality of their bubbles, transparency and colour tones. The aim is to achieve a glass that allows the bubbles to float naturally, to keep its temperature as long as possible and to promote the wine’s appreciation of aromas and flavours.

As for glasses of champagne or sparkling wines, there are basically four types:

  • Pompadour: it has a wide mouth and its chalice is short in height. This glass is not recommended to taste sparkling wines since the gas escapes very quickly and its shape promotes the heating of the wine.
  • Flute: this glass is tall and narrow, useful to keep bubbles and temperature on its ideal levels, but bad to appreciate its aromas.
  • Trumpet: a very popular type of glass which allows us to appreciate the aroma, but because of its overly narrow base it may not be ideal for proper release of bubbles.
  • Tulip: probably the best choice because of its wide and flared shape of the base that allows a proper release of bubbles and at the same time a great appreciation of the aroma and taste, keeping its temperature.
  • Normal wine glass: experts recommend using wine glasses to taste the most exceptional sparkling wines as they are specifically designed to encourage the tasting.

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Pack 2 Riedel Wine Glasses



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Syrah Riedel Glass



Key aspects to bear in mind for a wine cellar


Before you choose and install a new wine cabinet in your living room, first, you have to consider some key aspects which are generally related to temperature management and other features.

Type of System

The best system out there for a wine cabinet is the thermoelectric one. These systems work very well and provide a lot of advantages for wine conservation. For instance, it does not create any kind of vibrations nor noise. Additionally, they are environment-friendly and therefore, more recommended for a personal use at home.


This is a very important feature to consider for your wine cabinet. You need to think of the available space, as well as of how many bottles of wine you’d like to store in it. You don’t want it to be too small or too big, or you’ll be losing space and money.


Like in real-estate, it’s all about location. Your cabinet can’t be placed anywhere. It’s better if it’s placed on the coolest part of your home to avoid any direct contact with the sun. Also, it’s highly recommended to keep the cabinet isolated from other domestic appliances.


This is the key feature for any wine cabinet you can purchase. Luckily for you, today’s modern systems are equipped and programmed to automatically keep your wine at the best temperature making your life a lot easier and having your wine ready for you. From the cabinet directly into your mouth.

Power Consumption

Last but not least, this is another aspect you have to keep in mind. Generally, wine cabinets do not have a high power consumption but it will better to check that out before getting one. You don’t want to spend a lot of money paying your energy bills.


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What is iSommelier?


The popularization of “wine culture” among increasingly broad sectors of the population in much of the developed countries has led to the development of a multitude of accessories and service and enjoyment-related devices -corkscrew, thermometers, containers…- which help us improving our consumer experience and, incidentally, are an interesting testing ground for entrepreneurs and inventors all around the world.

This applies to the iSommelier, a “smart” decanter that accelerates the decanting process in a customized way for each wine. Developed by an innovative team of wine experts, designers and manufacturers, this unique device is produced by iFavine, a multinational group with branched companies in USA, France, Australia and China, and to complete the user experience it features online services such as iFavine winecloud, an online store and an App for smartphone and tablets, available for both iOS and Android.

The iSommelier itself has full control via your smart device, an information panel showing the name of the selected wine, the vintage and the progress of decantation, a touch panel that allows to calibrate the oxygenation process to suit your palate and save your favourite settings for later use.

It works by aerating wine with a constant flow of 90% oxygen, which significantly increases the efficiency of decanting both in time and quality. Also, it avoids exposing the wine to external agents such as dust or substances that may be present in the air, and to nitrogen and carbon dioxide.

The custom designed glass decanter infuses oxygen throughout the entire volume of wine, unlike traditional decanters, which make it only through its surface. This full oxygenation is rounds out and softens the tannins, providing a smoother mouthfeel.

 TAGS:Borsao Selección 2013Borsao Selección 2013

Borsao Selección 2013:  a red wine from Campo De Borja DO of Bodegas Borsao cellar produced with garnacha tinta and syrah from the 2013 vintage and presents an alcohol content of 14.5º. 



 TAGS:Enira Reserva 2007Enira Reserva 2007

Enira Reserva 2007: a red wine Bessa Valley made with syrah and petit Verdot of 2007.



5 wine accessories for a perfect service

Share wine

Not every day we have the time to relax and have wine, with the ritual required, leaving the wine to aerate properly and enjoying it at the right temperature. Fortunately, not all wines require such elaborate preparations, and we can enjoy great wines with only opening the bottle and drink.

But if you are someone who occasionally likes to enjoy a quiet drink, without stress, and a good conversation in the background, today we present 5 wine accessories that you should not miss:




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A wine cellar is the best way to preserve the wine ready to drink. But unless you’re a coleccionist, you do not need more than 8 bottles at good temperature at the same time, so why spend more?

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If you are someone who takes the wine in water glasses, you must know that wine tastes better in the appropriate glass. They are also extremely resistant.

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 TAGS:Bilaminar corkscrew with metalBilaminar corkscrew with metal

This is the most reliable corkscrew, which never fails. Requires a little practice but it will ensure a perfect bottle remains open and cork remains.

Buy Bilaminar corkscrew with metal 19,28



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Most good wines improve with decanting. This decanter “Morpheus” is well priced and, above all, includes an accessory that will prevent you from getting fed up with the decanter: a decanter cleaner.

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 TAGS:Wine Set 'Venus' PulltexWine Set ‘Venus’ Pulltex

The detail of the final elegance. With this set you can control the temperature for serving wine, and if you serve directly from the bottle you have a wine drop stopper for the best service.

Buy Wine Set 'Venus' Pulltex 20,45



What do you think? Which one is more useful? Do you miss something?

Valentine Gifts (last)

CorkscrewToday we finish our (bizarre) collection for Valentine’s Day gifts with a few “special” accessories that will turn your special day into a nightmare full experience. And we have some gifts that will test your love, take a look: 

We begin with this heart corkscrew, classic style, suitable only for experts (and lovers without much thirst). Opening corks whith this system is not the easiest way but it comes useful with  long corks – once experienced.

Foil CutterIn second place, we see a heart-shaped foil cutter. The attachment itself is not commonly used at home. Who has not cut the capsule with a knife or the tip of the corkscrew? But at a dinner as special as it often Valentine’s is, not anything goes, and we need  elegance and romance even in the smallest details. And that is what this foil cutter gives, a nice touch.

In any case, the foil cutter is steel made, although hardly practical, at least has  a certain style. Metal accessories have it.

And we’ve reached to our ultimate accessory for Valentine’s Day. And in this case the premise of making it in metal to enhance elegance was not exactly what they decided to do. Because our ultimate accessory is a wine bottle cover, yes, a bit customized for the date it is held:

Wine bottle coverThis is specially maded for Valentine, but it could also be smart for a devoted fan of Park Guell, isn’t it?

This is the determinant accessory, not so much because it allows the bottle to be  decorated in a romantic way, but because, looking at the bottle, you may manage to stop having a partner… definitely.

In any case, if you want to enjoy a full Valentine, we’ve left a few accessories to complete the day. You only need to buy the right wine for the occasion. And above all, from Uvinum, we encourage you to celebrate with enthusiasm, good company and a glass of wine.Cheers!

Valentine Gifts (III)

Heart stopperWe continue preparing Valentine’s Day! We want to organize a perfect evening for you and your partner and, of course, we must look to the last detail, right? So today we discover accessories you can add to this day. We’ve got to talk about wine corks. 

Yes, there are wine stoppers designed to use when we uncork a bottle and want to keep whatever we don’t drink and we have not kept the cork or it is not in the best conditions, or we simply want to have a stylish item. And it is in this area where, at least on the Internet, there is more creativity and variety associated with St. Valentine. 

We start with a fine item with love: This is a huge wire heart wraped around the bottle. Note the 2 smaller hearts hanging, and in each hart there is a stamped word “you” and “me”, so romantic, but not too practical when you go and keep the wine in the fridge, right? 

The most classic is a heart-shaped stopper in aluminum, like the one you see here: 

Classic heart stopper

Simple and elegant and easy to hold to open the bottle and it can also be stored anywhere. 
Cristal heart stopperBut in these cases, we must look at love, and nothing would work better than a Valentine’s cap with a heart made with “diamond? Well, it is actually made of glass, but still looks beautiful. 

And finally we have, of course, the richest, those with lots of money to spend and want to do it with class. 

For them, from Uvinum we recommend a heart shape made wine stopper , a hand-blown Murano glass, a jewel that will make your partner’s get a clear message: “I love you, baby.” 

Murano HeartOh well, however you are, here you have at your disposal wine stopper to choose from, at a truly affordable price, that will serve to give a romantic touch to Valentine’s dinner. How about the wine stopper? Are they too corny? Do you usually use them, or are you someone who shuts the bottle with the same cork? Do you like the idea of using a separate cap for this occasion, or is it a waste?

Valentine Gifts (II)

Heart-style decanterValentine’s Day comes and we need to serve a glass of love to our partner (corny, huh?). But what would you use to aerate wine? What decanter to use? In Uvinum we’ll show you some of the most interesting (and loving) wine decanters.

In first place, we present an original decanter with a heart figure inserted, so Ideal for gifts with a message like: “You take my heart and hope you can fill the gap”, or “With love and love I give this decanter” if you’re a little more posh.

But of course, beyond the esthetic taste, the truth is that this fancy decanter is quite useful, practical and manageable to handle due to that hole in the middle. For now, it seems like a good Valentine’s gift. 

Love bottle

The other option offered is this other bottle for wine, but seems more suitable for liqueurs and other spirituous beverages. Based on the same shape as the decanter, a bottle of liquor is a gift with a romantic spot.

If you want to make the complete gift, and a sweeter time, I would fill it with a bottle of Quinta do Castelinho Double Magnum Vintage 1996 Porto, which will leave your partner absolutely dazzled by its gentleness, velvety and breadth of aromas. Valentine deserves no less, right?

The most original accessories for wine

Wine aereator

Are you planning presents for the 2011? Boring socks and the “essential” scarf? We’ve searched for some of the most amazing gifts, from the (sometimes), amazing world of wine accessories, and we bring them here to you just in case you need to return the “detail” to a “friend”

First, we’ll go with an accessory that is elegant and practical: a fixture electric wine aerator, which lets your aged wine or large reserve wine on the best conditions in less than 1 minute: 

Bosch corkscrewIf the gift that you have received is fun for you, and comes from a “handyman” nothing better than this “Bosch screwdriver” limited edition which comes with an accessory to uncork wines:

And if the gift comes from an “artist” and you can afford it, try this piece of art: an exclusive decanter design, at about a price of 2.000 euros. Of course, looking at the size of the decanter in respect to the bottle stay away when serving wine! 


But let us be bolder. Do you have a friend who is always getting fussy with the temperature of wine? Well, tease him … or his bottles. With this ultra-fast cooler, the bottles will be cool in about 5 minutes. As explained in this video. Just seeing how desperate the man is when he opens the fridge and sees that wine is not cold, we realize how bad we need this accessory:

But the pearl of this collection is the video that we present below. The device in question is called “The Chupistola”, so you can begin to imagine what it is. If someone really needs revenge and does not matter much if they realize of it, give them one of these and ask them to organize a party for the launch of “The Chupistola.” Suitable only for “trendies”: 

Have you got anything like these? Would you like to receive any of these? Do you suggest something else?