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5 Tips to Start Wine Collecting On a Tight Budget

 TAGS:undefinedIf you are interested in starting a wine collection, there are many different wines to choose from. Some of the wines cost a fortune, but there are still some very good options if you want to start collecting wine. Some things that you may want to do to start collecting wine on a budget include:

Plan Your Budget and Your Storage

First, you will want to plan your wine collection. To start, set a budget for how much you want to spend on your wine collection, which can be monthly or annually. Storage of wine is also important, and there are many different options today, which include storing your wine in a cellar, buying a wine cooler or investing in a custom-built wine cabinet to keep your wines at the perfect temperature.

Choose Wines That You Are Familiar With

One mistake that beginning wine collectors make is that they get too carried away with their wine choices. If you are just starting your collection, it is best to start off slow and with wines that you are familiar with or have some knowledge of. Keep it simple and choose wines that are well-known. You will have a chance to be more daring with your wine choices as your collection begins to grow.

Be Daring, But Taste Wines Before Collecting Them

Investing in wine for your collection can be fun, and you may want to be more daring. As a rule of thumb, you will want to taste wines before you buy them. As you establish your wine collection, more wines will become familiar to you and the process of tasting and buying wine will be easier.

Find Deals on Wines That Are Overstocked

There are many choices of wines that range in price from a few pounds to thousands. If you have a set budget, you will get the most value from more affordable wines. There are also many wines that are on sale and need to be sold to make room for new stock. Start your wine collection with discounts and deals on wines that are on sale.

Choose Wines to Start Your Collection and Store Them Safe in The Cellar

When you have a plan and are ready to start your collection, you will be ready to start choosing your first wines. Start with a variety of wines that you have tasted and are familiar with. If you want to be daring and add something special to your collection, you can choose wines like, Brunello di Montalcino, which is becoming a popular choice amongst collectors.

Getting a wine collection started may not be as difficult as you think. With a little knowledge and a small budget, you can start storing wines away in a cellar or specially designed wine cabinet.

 TAGS:Bruno Colin Chassagne-Montrachet 1Er Cru Morgeot Blanc 2015Bruno Colin Chassagne-Montrachet 1Er Cru Morgeot Blanc 2015

Bruno Colin Chassagne-Montrachet 1Er Cru Morgeot Blanc 2015: a white wine from Chassagne-Montrachet made of 2015 grapes. Uvinum users reviewed this white wine with 4 of 5 points. 

 TAGS:Domaine Hubert Lamy Chassagne-Montrachet 1Er Cru Les Chaumées 2015Domaine Hubert Lamy Chassagne-Montrachet 1Er Cru Les Chaumées 2015

Domaine Hubert Lamy Chassagne-Montrachet 1Er Cru Les Chaumées 2015: a white wine from Chassagne-Montrachet with 2015 grapes. At Uvinum, this white wine scores an average rate of 4 of 5 points. 

7 Michelin restaurants in the UK not to be missed



If you are travelling to the UK, you should know which of them are been worthy of these awards and to try them out. The new 2017 guide of Great Britain and Ireland was made public this October with new stars.

1. The Fat Duck

This restaurant has regained its third star and offers a great gastronomic experience. It is located in Bray, next to London. With this, UK has four three Michelin-starred restaurants: Gordon Ramsay, Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester and Waterside Inn.

2. Raby Hunt

Located in Durham County, this restaurant has earned two stars. Its chef is James Close and, in addition to its food, the setting also has its charm, as it is in a 19th century inn.

3. The Forest Side

Two Michelin stars awarded to this restaurant that is located in Cumbria, in the north of England, with various delicacies to try.

4. Sosban and The Old Butchers

In Wales, on the Isle of Anglesey we find this restaurant which is also deserving of two stars. Their cuisine is based on local and fresh produce.

5. The Ninth

In London there are new restaurants that already have the first Michelin star since this year. It is the case of The Ninth, a rather casual place without tablecloths and even orders at the bar, in addition to the great dishes, offers an excellent wine cellar.

6. Ellory

Some flavors and traditional dishes of English cuisine can be tried here, and, despite Michelin star, is not expensive given its fame.

7. The five fields

The posh Chelsea district of London has this restaurant that offers a modern version of the most traditional British cuisine.

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Château Brown 2010



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Zenato Amarone Classico Della Valpolicella 2011

Tips for choosing a wine cellar


Before you choose and install a wine cellar appliance at home or in the cellar or at a restaurant, you need to clear some parameters, many of which are related to temperature, but also with other aspects to be taken into account.

System type

Some more sophisticated wine cellars take into account the type of system, being the thermoelectric the ones that contribute the biggest advantages to wine conservation. For example, it does not produces vibrations nor noise that can damage the wine, as well as being environmentally friendly. Although it is recommended for internal use at home and not for professionals.


This feature is essential when choosing a wine cellar, since we must think of the available space we have and how many wines we will store in it, in order to get the right size to avoid wasting space and money.

Where we will place it

The wine cellar can not be anywhere. It is better to place it in the coolest places at home, with no direct sunlight. The temperature of the place in which we will place it is also important, and it is recommended not to leave it near other appliances that we usually have at home.

Energy consumption

There is another factor to consider when we have to buy a wine cellar. Although they usually do not have a high energy consumption, it is always better to spend less, and buy them with an “A” certification.


It is essential, but all wine cellars are prepared to preserve and maintain wine at its proper temperature, with modern and automatic systems that make us easier to leave wine do its course and be savoured instantly, from the wine cellar to your palate.

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Wine Cellar 10S



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Wine cellar 8 bottles

Build your own wine cellar at home


If you are a wine lover, surely you’ll like to have a small wine assortment from different vintages or provenances in your house, so you always have the possibility to choose one or the other depending on the company, the moment or your mood.

Thus, you may have also raised the possibility of expanding your small home cellar and transform it into something more “professional”, so to speak. Here are some tips to build a space in your home to keep your precious wines with full guarantees.

The location
It is ideal, in any case, to have an appropriate space to mount your cellar. Traditionally this type of rooms are usually located underground, being naturally isolated areas that keep more stable temperatures than other places exposed to solar radiation or cold ambient. The humidity is also important here, so if you can, find a basement or cave (natural or artificial) with these features.

The furniture
It is important to have appropriate wine storing shelves, and take good care of where you place each bottle, as some of them will benefit of certain conditions of temperature and humidity, and others will need different conditions.

Specific equipment
Clearly there best and worst places to store wine, mainly because of the climate and the construction of the cellar itself. If you live in a place where there are large variations in temperature and/or humidity that may hamper the preservation of wine, even if you have the possibility to use an underground room, you may need to insulate the place beyond what is usual, using special wall coverings, door and window sealing, and even refrigeration and humidity control specialized for wine cellars.

In fact, with one or more air-conditioned wine cabinets, you can place your cellar on common places of your home, even in a corner of a small apartment, as long as they allow to maintain precise control of the preservation conditions of the wine.

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Cabinet Chic



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Wine cellar CV18-D