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How to choose the right wine glass


Just like there are dozens of different types of wine, each suitable for a particular time or event, the glasses in which they are served must also offer a wide degree of variety since the shape influences the taste of wine. A fact that we have to take into account when enjoying a drink.

Generally speaking, all the experts agree that the wine glasses should be made of crystal or transparent glass, without decorations and colours and, if possible, they must be made with materials of the highest quality possible. The disadvantage is that price of the finest crystal glasses can be quite high, considering the fact they can be very fragile as well. As for the shape, the goal is to enjoy the wine’s taste and aroma in the best possible conditions.

Wine glasses

  • Glasses for red wine: red wines are usually served in tall cups with a big and rounded chalice with a large aperture (“mouth”) that enables the wine to breathe. Through the contact with the open air, we can appreciate its aromas. Among the glasses of red wine, there are also more specific varieties. For instance, a Bordeaux glass is tall with a smaller chalice, designed for the wine to reach the back of the mouth easily and maximise the flavour. Burgundy glasses are slightly shorter with a wider chalice to better appreciate the qualities of wines like Pinot Noir.
  • Glasses for white wine: these glasses are usually narrower, allowing the wine to keep a cooler temperature and offering its aromas to us.
  • Glasses for rosé wine: although a white wine glass can also be used for rosé, there are specific designs for them. Ideally, the best thing is to drink it in a short chalice and a slightly flared base.
  • Glasses for sweet wine: they are smaller than the previous glasses and there’s a vast variety of shapes that will depend on the kind of wine you are drinking.

Glasses for champagne and sparkling wine

You can find plenty of different shapes on the market. But it’s recommended that the cups for sparkling wine are transparent and made of thin and fine glass without decorations or colours. This way, we can better appreciate the overall look of cava or champagne, the quality of their bubbles, transparency and colour tones. The aim is to achieve a glass that allows the bubbles to float naturally, to keep its temperature as long as possible and to promote the wine’s appreciation of aromas and flavours.

As for glasses of champagne or sparkling wines, there are basically four types:

  • Pompadour: it has a wide mouth and its chalice is short in height. This glass is not recommended to taste sparkling wines since the gas escapes very quickly and its shape promotes the heating of the wine.
  • Flute: this glass is tall and narrow, useful to keep bubbles and temperature on its ideal levels, but bad to appreciate its aromas.
  • Trumpet: a very popular type of glass which allows us to appreciate the aroma, but because of its overly narrow base it may not be ideal for proper release of bubbles.
  • Tulip: probably the best choice because of its wide and flared shape of the base that allows a proper release of bubbles and at the same time a great appreciation of the aroma and taste, keeping its temperature.
  • Normal wine glass: experts recommend using wine glasses to taste the most exceptional sparkling wines as they are specifically designed to encourage the tasting.

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Syrah Riedel Glass



Types of wine glasses


The same way that there are different types of wines, each suited to a particular moment, there is also a great range of glasses. Each shape is designed to deliver the optimal conditions for consumption, something that we have to consider.

In general, all the experts agree that wine glasses should be made of crystal glass or transparent glass without decorations and colours. Furthermore, they should be made with materials of the highest possible quality. Also, consider the better the quality, the more expensive the glass. In terms of their form, the goal is to enjoy the taste and aroma of the wine under the best conditions.

Red wine glasses

Red wines are usually served in large glasses with a wide and rounded bowl and a large opening enabling the wine to breathe. By offering a large surface in contact with the air you’ll better appreciate its aromas. Among the red wine glasses, there are also more specific varieties, such as the Bordeaux glasses for instance. These are taller and with a smaller bowl, designed for the wine to reach the back of the mouth to maximize the flavour. The Burgundy glasses are slightly lower than latter, with a wider bowl to better appreciate the qualities of wines especially produced from Pinot Noir grapes.

White wine glasses

These glasses are usually narrower. Apart from enabling the release of the aromas of the wine, they also have to maintain a cool temperature.

Rosé glasses

Although a white wine glass can also be valid for a rosé, there are specific designs for them. Ideally, the best thing is a glass with a short bowl and a slightly flared edge.

The glasses for sweet and fortified wines are smaller than the above and there are a variety of shapes depending on the specific wine. Learn the specifics of different sparkling wine glasses in a separated article of Uvinum.

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Types of champagne glasses


New Year’s Eve is here, and with it come family gatherings, celebrations and many moments that allow us to uncork our favourite champagne and toast the future. While it is true that at this time of the year the role of sparkling wine is particularly special, we should not forget that their bubbles also may accompany us during the rest of the year at any time, and if we want to taste it properly, it is important to know what glasses are best.

The truth is that we can find plenty of different shapes at the market, but we advise choosing transparent and thin crystal sparkling wine glasses, without decorations or colours, since they must allow assessing the general appearance of cava or champagne, the quality of its bubbles, its transparency and colour shades. The aim to achieve is a glass that allows the bubbles to rise naturally keeping the temperature as low as possible and to promote appreciating the aromas and flavours of wine.

There are basically four types of shapes that we have seen on countless occasions:

  • Pompadour: It has a wide opening and its bowl is short in height, features that don’t make it ideal for tasting sparkling wine, as the gas escapes very quickly and its shape favours the liquid to warm up.
  • Flute: This glass is tall and narrow, something useful to keep the bubbles and the temperature of cava, but negative to appreciate its aromas.
  • Trumpet: A very popular type of glass, which allows you to appreciate the aroma, but because of its overly narrow base, may not be ideal for the correct release of the bubbles.
  • Tulip: Probably the best choice since its broadest shape from the base and flared rim allow a proper release of bubbles and, at the same time, appreciating the aroma and correctly tasting the sparkling wine, keeping the temperature low.
  • Wine glass: Experts recommend using normal wine glasses to taste exceptional sparkling wines, as they are specifically designed to favour the tasting.

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Gifts for wine lovers


True wine lovers have it easy this holiday season, thanks to the number of wine-related gadgets and objects that can be given. Knowing how to appreciate wine is much more, so if you know someone interested in wine world and gourmet items, we suggest these products.


Wine should be served in a good glass. That is because it is preferable to see its colour and features, being able to notice them through a good quality and transparent glass. In order to make the gift more complete, we advise to give cases where there are several sets of glasses to delight friends and family at a time.

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Glass Bubble Reservoir:  the Bubble Reservoir Absinthe Glass is a delight to behold.



Wine cellars

To keep the wine properly, the best thing is to get a good wine cellar. They usually are placed on specialized places, such as wineries and restaurants, but it is perfectly possible to have one at home. It is the best way to keep each wine at its highest level, and offers the latest technology for a better use and enjoyment of wine. Depending on the capacity, they can accommodate 15, 28 or even more bottles. A true wine cellar at home!

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Wine Cabinet 100 Bottles Cv-100 Cave Vinum: specially designed for optimal preservation of wine. 



Wine coolers and other accessories

The temperature of wine is a key element to drink it properly. To always keep it in the state it deserves before being served, coolers are essential items. There are cooling blankets, buckets, and other accessories to give.

The ritual of serving wine is also a factor to consider. Decanters are ideal to guarantee a proper serving of wine, which make it a great gift for wine professionals or amateurs. These containers are bottle-shaped and you can use them to decant the solid residues of wine, making it to breathe and offering the best flavour and aroma.

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Wine and Champagne chiller blanket Pulltex: It is reversible for use on wine or champagne, is stored in the freezer and when used ensures the cold much longer than ice.



The perfect gift for wine lovers

 TAGS:Choosing a gift for a wine lover can be tricky if you are not an expert on the subject. If you do not want to take risks when deciding between on one or another designation of origin or you do not want bugs at the time of choosing the vintage: consider the wine accessories. In the following lines you will know the essential accessories that any wine lover may need. There is something for everyone.

The typical corkscrew kit that includes other elements may be an option, but the problem is that surely the person that goes to already has at least one of these sets. So if you want to give a corkscrew dive into something more original, design, engraved with his or her name or any model not so easy to find something more special as we introduced in one of the previous posts on this blog.

Wine glasses seem an excellent idea to me. Choose quality over quantity and you will succeed. Any wine lover worth his salt knows that there is no comparison between drinking your favorite wine from a good wine glass and using for it one that is not so good. The thickness of the glass and the design details will guide you in your choice.

The decanter. You can decide on the typical one or let your mind get blown by a whole world of forms, brands, prices, etc., However, perhaps you will choose one that can accompany you everywhere you go as the wine oxygenators do. They meet the same function as the decanters in less time and saving space as evident.

If your budget allows, you might consider the gift to turn really cool as it would be a wine cellar. The price of this gift is far superior to any of the other proposals but it also guarantees you a sure hit. Among the different possibilities when buying one of these refrigerators you can also consider choosing a model with two different temperature spaces, perfect for preserving red wine and white wine.

A little less expensive are wine cabinets that do not include this option among which you also have lots of choices. Starting with details such as capacity, lighting system, single or double door, brand, etc.. When you commit to one or the other, make sure it’s not too noisy and that the space designed for each bottle is enough to keep those wines that come in formats a little longer or wider than usual.