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Valdeorras, the door of Galicia


Valdeorras is one of the DO’s less known in Spain, although the wine Rua 2010 is becoming quite trendy nowadays. Located in Orense, is halfway between the cold Bierzo vineyards and the rainy vineyards of the Rias Baixas.

Valdeorras’s vineyards occupy most of the basins of the rivers Siland Xares. Distinctively to the rest of Galicia, the area of Valdeorras is far more dry and hot in summer, where maximum temperatures exceed, sometimes by more than 10 ° from the rest of Galicia.

However, in Valdeorras winters are rather cold, with average temperatures of 11 º C during the day. It seems a perfect climate for grape ripening, and it really is. The vines suffer cold and rainy winters, followed by a spring in which the fruit develops fully into aromatic touches.

The intense heat of summer makes Valdeorras grape to reach an optimal level of maturation in sugars, and is perfect when it comes to harvest. The only variable that does not accompany is perhaps, the soil so fertile that the vine does not require a great effort to produce the grapes.

In Valdeorras wines, the queen grape is the Godello. Godello wines are very aromatic, fruity and with a characteristic acidity, which gives to wines powerful aromas of green apple. They are very balanced and elegant wines, perhaps in this sense, the best white varietal of Spain. In recent years have also appeared with increasing frequency, barrel-fermented Godello wines, offering higher depth of flavors, adding smoked aromas to the frutal range of the grape itself.

In red wines, the Mencía is the dominating grape in Valdeorras, like in the neighboring Bierzo, with lots of color and high layer, although Valdeorras Mencia wines are more aromatic than the Mencias from Leon.

Over the last months there has much talk about the wines from this DO, especially about the now famous rua white wines from Godello, which has caught the attention of international critics for its extraordinary value. Do you want to try it? Today we recommend:

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