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Wine in the evening helps your heart


The benefits of wine are always increasing. There are new studies that ratify it, and now, specifically one from Israel, which states that a glass of red wine in the evening helps caring our heart.

This research, called “Effects of moderate alcohol consumption on cardiometabolic risk in adults with type 2 diabetes”, has been made with the Harvard School of Public Health, in the United States, and the University of Leipzig in Germany. This study has given some conclusions which state that drinking wine at night can protect the heart.

In addition, some findings in the field of diabetes were demonstrated, since the study sample was conducted with adults with type 2 diabetes, as well as people without any disease. For the sample, those people had to drink 150 millilitres of mineral water, white wine or red wine.

The most people had healthy diets, marked by the healthy Mediterranean diet, with major differences in drinks by type of wine or water. Among the conclusions, after some days, the cholesterol levels are much lower for those who drank a glass of wine in the evening.

The study found that people who drank white and red wine had better sleep quality than those who drank water. The researchers said that red wine offers more properties in a general way, not only to prevent heart disease.

Always with a moderate consumption of red wine, diabetics improve also by reducing cardiovascular risk. Clearly it is always combined with a healthy diet and exercise. Researchers believe that what has been discovered helps identifying which diabetic patients consuming red wine at night have improved.

As has happened before, the antioxidants of red grapes are key to these general benefits.

 TAGS:Pesquera Crianza 2011Pesquera Crianza 2011

Pesquera Crianza 2011 is a Ribera del Duero from the Tinto Pesquera cellar based on the best of tinta fina and tempranillo from 2011 and 13º of alcohol.



 TAGS:Pruno 2013Pruno 2013

Pruno 2013, a red wine of the Ribera del Duero DO with the best bunches of 2013 tempranillo and cabernet sauvignon and with an alcohol proof of 13.5º. 



Wine is better if you drink it in big sips


Drinking wine in moderation brings a lot of benefits. However, if we drink in big sips, it’s much better. That’s what it says a study by the University of Naples, since the amount of wine that drinkers take in each sip has a strong influence on taste.

To analyse this study they used Falanghina, an indigenous variety that produces white wines. And the conclusions are many, on the one hand, the smell is still very important and decisive in wine tasting, and secondly, how it can change its taste.

So a wine can be very different, both in smell and taste, and this is due to the release of volatile markers, featuring marked fruity and oxidative characters of wine. All are affected by the volume of the sip and by the interaction of wine with saliva.

Which is to say this study, related to sips of wine we take, is that both floral or fruity flavours are more easily released when we do big sips.

The study also hinted that flavours that come from red fruits such as cherries or those somewhat sweet, like honey, are easier to taste when we drink big sips. Something we can take into account when consuming wines of such characteristics.

These new data can provide changes in the way of doing tastings currently. This can make a wine tasting more efficient, best checking the wine tastes with big sips. Thus, sommeliers and winemakers may be changing and enriching their professional tastings by mixing big or small sips to see the various effects on the smell and taste produced by wines.

 TAGS:La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 2004La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 2004

La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 2004: a red wine of the Rioja DO with a blend based on graciano and tempranillo of 2004 and with 12.5º of alcohol content. 



 TAGS:Viña Ardanza Reserva 2004Viña Ardanza Reserva 2004

Viña Ardanza Reserva 2004: a red wine Rioja with a blend based on viura and garnacha of 2004 and with an alcoholic strength of 13.5º. 



Do you want to improve your memory? Read, do crossword puzzles and… drink wine


Wine has many beneficial properties for mind and body. It prevents heart disease, lowers cholesterol, is good to feel more energetic and get rid of depression… And it also improves memory.

If you start working with little desire or you should get to study, this research can give you some joy, since the conclusion is that wine keeps the mind awake. The research by Rush Medical College in Chicago states that a very moderate alcohol consumption serves to slow cognitive decline with age.

Specifically, red wine stands out thanks to its polyphenols, which protect the brain. This new study builds on earlier studies on nutrition, about the effects red wine produce in dementia. In their research they developed the so-called “mind diet”, that mixes Mediterranean diet, especially with fish, vegetables, nuts and wine, and the DASH diet (which stands for “Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension”, which lowers blood pressure.

In addition to wine, there are other foods that are considered beneficial for memory, as in the case of nuts. And some vegetables and legumes, such as beans, along with whole grains, fish, chicken and olive oil.

Those who followed the “mind diet” experienced somewhat slower cognitive decline. Regarding the total cognitive impairment, they still can not state definitive conclusions, since they hope to conduct more specific studies to reach a conclusion. Now you have more reasons to drink wine.

 TAGS:Château Batailley 2009Château Batailley 2009

Château Batailley 2009: a red wine with Pauillac DO produced with petit verdot and merlot from the 2009 vintage and has an alcohol content of 12º.



 TAGS:La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 2004La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 2004

La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 2004: a red wine Rioja with graciano and tempranillo of 2004 and with an alcoholic strength of 12.5º.



Are you more like Mary Poppins or Hemingway?


If one thing is certain in the field of alcoholic beverages, is that today all kinds of studies are performed, something that shows the interest in this world among the general public. Even the most serious and substantiated studies are echoed in the media by striking approaches, like the one recently conducted by the University of Missouri-Columbia, in the US, which distinguishes between drinkers of four different personalities.

The essay, titled “Searching for Mr Hyde: A five-factor approach to characterizing ‘types of drunks’”, published in the journal Addiction Research and Theory, presents the results obtained from surveying over 300 men and women about their behaviour either when sober and when drunk.

Thus, factors such as extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, intellect and emotional stability are evaluated to classify the types of drinkers, resulting in four basic categories, namely, “Mary Poppins”, “Hemingway”, “Nutty Professor” and “Mr. Hyde”.

Interestingly, a large amount of people surveyed, up to 40% of them, fall in the “Hemingway” category, reserved for people who apparently see little decline in their intellect or conscientiousness when drinking, and consider themselves to be reliable and able to process complex ideas. In this typology, men and women divide their role.

In contrast, men predominate in the “Nutty Professor” type, which includes 20% of the participants, which are considered introverts who become extroverts when they drink.

Women are the majority when we speak about “Mary Poppins”, which frames drinkers who remain friendly, cooperative, compassionate and agreeable (15% of the total).

Finally, the “Mr. Hyde” type, with a considerable 23% of drinkers and again dominated by women, represents those who appreciate intellect, conscience and kindness lows when they drink, with a tendency to suffer blackout episodes and to be arrested because of their behaviour.

Whatever it is, we would like to recommend you drinking in moderation and choosing good wines and spirits, as the ones below.

 TAGS:Lan Reserva 2008Lan Reserva 2008

Lan Reserva 2008:  a red wine Rioja produced with mazuelo and garnacha from the 2008 vintage. 



 TAGS:Juan Gil 12 Meses 2013Juan Gil 12 Meses 2013

Juan Gil 12 Meses 2013: a red wine with Jumilla DO with the best bunches of monastrell from the 2013 vintage and 15º of alcohol content. 



Online wine sales, booming


Wine e-commerce has grown in recent years, the Internet is the third source of information consulted before buying wine by being extensive and accessible. Through the Internet, wine consumers can get advice to choose and learn more about the products they buy.

According to figures from Sowine/SSI, 82% of French do research before making their wine purchases, since this medium offers the opportunity to learn about the products, the opinions of other consumers, and to compare prices comfortably. 42% of these shoppers define themselves as wine amateurs and 54% define themselves as inexperienced.

9% of the French follow accounts in social networks related to wine, while blogs offer easy access to information on wines for people wanting to learn more, and not like before, when experts were the only ones with access to important details.

For the wine sector, the Internet and social networks play an increasingly important role, both as an information provider and to make sales in this way, and the French market is no exception.

Currently 9% of purchases of French wines are online, and wine is the product that leads online sales. In 2013 the online wine sales increased 32% to 705 million Euros and, according to calculations from studies made in 2014 by Xerfi, these sales could exceed 1,000 million Euros in 2015.

In view of this booming, wine producers are also using the Internet to promote their products and to offer online shopping to consumers. The answer to these changes by consumers is favourable, and they buy more bottles than before (average of 6-12 bottles).

Among the most popular wine website, we can find producers first, wine merchants in second place and thirdly the private sales.


 TAGS:Viña Tondonia Reserva 2002Viña Tondonia Reserva 2002

Viña Tondonia Reserva 2002: a red wine from this DO: Rioja with viura and tempranillo of 2002 and has a volume of alcohol of 12.5º.




Diamante: a white wine from Rioja DO from the viura varieties and 11,5º of volume of alcohol. 



*Image: Stephan Geyer (flickr)

Wine, an ally to prevent skin cancer


Wine has many benefits for the body, both exterior and interior. Several studies have established the advantages of wine on the skin, giving it greater elasticity and youth. And now it could also prevent skin cancer, as it happens with other types of cancer.

To this statement, four scientific studies that have been developed in various countries, show some of the effects of wine in preventing skin cancer. Specifically, they state that the effects of wine polyphenols act against the various cell types of skin cancer.

For example, one study states that resveratrol inhibits the growth of a type of squamous cancer, which like the rest, is caused by the ultraviolet rays from the sun, while another study establishes that resveratrol can induce opoptosis of cells from cardinoma epidermoid type A431.

One of these studies that demonstrate the relationship between wine and prevention of skin cancer was performed in Spain, specifically in Madrid. In this case, the research concluded that three red wine polyphenols inhibit the growth of melanoma cells. There are different types of skin cancers, being the melanoma the most dangerous of all them, being malignant. Skin cancer goes unnoticed by many people and, in fact, is one of the most spread among Spanish population.

Finally, another study tested in this area established that polyphenolic combination has a strong therapeutic potential in the treatment of melanoma on humans, which reproduces and grows with sun exposure, mostly.

In these studies it was found that the application of various types of polyphenols that compose wine on the dorsal area of mice affected by skin cancer could stop the degree of development of this type of cancer.

 TAGS:Solanera Viñas Viejas 2012Solanera Viñas Viejas 2012

Bodegas Castaño is the maker of this Solanera Viñas Viejas 2012, a wine red with the Yecla DO made with garnacha tintorera and cabernet Sauvignon of 2012 and with an alcohol proof of 14.5º.



 TAGS:Hécula 2012Hécula 2012

Hécula 2012: a wine red with the Yecla DO made with monastrell of 2012 and 14º of volume of alcohol.


Drinking wine makes us more beautiful


Since Roman times wine was already used to beautify the skin. A number of treatments use grape seeds to achieve greater oxygenation of the epidermis and hydration. So, besides its good properties for the body, wine makes us more beautiful also externally.

The idea has come down to our times, since in the very XXI century several studies show that wine makes us more attractive and sexy. The latter has been carried out by researchers from the UK, linking alcohol with some personal appeal, and it indicates that wine makes sexiest the people who drink it.

First conclusions

Apparently, the reason is because wine causes a direct vasodilation, the same that causes skin flushing when we are sexually aroused. The first conclusions of the study established that in addition to perceive others as more attractive after drinking some wine, the same person may be perceived more attractive for others.

Other findings of the study determined that low alcohol consumption leads to increased skin redness and to have some facial appeal, but it has not been proven conclusively. But this can increase in a more sexual context, on relationships between two people. Thus, it appears that alcohol influences social behaviour.

Moreover, the study concludes that the faces of people who have consumed a low dose of alcohol are rated as more attractive than faces of sober people, while this was not observed on the faces of people who had consumed a high dose of alcohol.

For the study, a number of people were photographed while they were both sober and just after having consumed alcohol, in order to decide which image was more attractive to the others.


 TAGS:Pintia 2008Pintia 2008

Pintia 2008: is a red wine with DO Toro from the Pintia cellar which blend contains tempranillo and tinta de Toro of 2008



 TAGS:Luis Cañas Reserva Selección de la Familia 2008Luis Cañas Reserva Selección de la Familia 2008

Luis Cañas Reserva Selección de la Familia 2008: is a red wine Rioja vinified with tempranillo and graciano from 2008 and with an alcoholic strength of 14.5º.



Drink wine and save money at the dentist


Wine provides a number of properties for the body, making it one of the most comprehensive drinks. It is an antioxidant, prevents cardiovascular disease, prevents cholesterol, along with other many other benefits for your health. And… it also prevents caries.

This last statement can give us many joys, allowing us saving money at the dentist if, besides taking care of our oral health, we drink wine in moderation.

This says a new study led by the Research Institute of Food Science at the Autonomous University of Madrid and published in Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, which states that wine is good for teeth care.

In order to reach this finding, the researchers have been able to confirm that the dental plaque biofilm, which protect teeth against plaque and the occurrence of any dental disease, being immersed in red wine with grape seed and ethanol, offered successful results.

That is, they allowed to reduce dental plaque bacteria thanks to their natural antioxidants -the polyphenols- present in wine and grapes, which offer various advantages in addition to preventing caries. Through this research we learned that polyphenols hinder growth of bacterial flora. The results are healthier teeth, with less tartar and no tendency to deteriorate by the remains of bacteria that accumulate over time.

But this is not the only known study about this topic. Already in 1997, the faculty of dentistry at the University Karolinska Institutet, in Sweden, examined several professional wine tasters with different ages, and the result is that a large proportion of them had some teeth eroded by the consumption of wine, but none had caries.


 TAGS:Borsao Selección 2013Borsao Selección 2013

Robert Parker rated it last year like one of the best wine value for money and now it ‘s the Wine Guide Gourmets 2015 that rates the Borsao Selección 2013 like the Best red young Spanish wine of the year.



 TAGS:Borsao Tres Picos 2013Borsao Tres Picos 2013

Bodegas Borsao makes this Borsao Tres Picos 2013, a red wine with Campo De Borja DO with the best bunches of garnacha from the 2013 vintage.