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How to pair your fruit successfully?


If you are a big wine fan and lover like all of us here, surely you love drinking it while enjoying your favorite dishes and foods. And taking into account that these days are hot, we thought to propose fruit and wine pairings, an option that, in addition to being delightful, you will find it refreshing.

In general, any light, sweet and fruity wine is good to accompany your favorite fruits. It is also recommended that you test combinations and pairings with rosé wines or sparkling wines, as it will give your meal that special and delicious touch that you are looking for.

Special recommendations

Mango is undoubtedly one of the most delicious fruits that Mother Nature could give us. In addition, it is very popular, especially in summer, as it is common to find it in desserts or salads at the time. Because of its citrus affinity, a good Riesling is the best choice to accompany food made out from this fruit. You can also opt for a mature Sauvignon Blanc. But if the dish is something stronger than a dessert or a salad, either something like chicken or fish with mango cream, a good sweet Chardonnay will be your best choice.

If you are going to eat something like peaches, strawberries or oranges you should then choose a fruity and refreshing red wine, and the best of them it is a good Pinot Noir. In fact, a very good and typical Mediterranean cuisine dessert are macerated peaches with wine, an excellent sweet delicacy that for sure you have tasted once.

Salads and muscatel

Lastly, you can go with a sweet muscatel to pair with your summer salads. Although these wines come mostly from warmer areas and are generally stronger, you will find that they go along very well with fruity salads. And besides, you do not have to spend a lot of money: both Spanish muscatel wines such as those developed in the south of France are accessible and will make your summer salad a much more enjoyable meal.

 TAGS:Charles Smith Riesling Kung Fu Girl Ancient Lakes 2014Charles Smith Riesling Kung Fu Girl Ancient Lakes 2014

Charles Smith Riesling Kung Fu Girl Ancient Lakes 2014: a white wine from Washington produced by Charles Smith produced with riesling from the 2014 vintage and shows an alcoholic strength of 12%. 



 TAGS:Waltraud 2013Waltraud 2013

Waltraud 2013: a white wine from Penedes that is based on 2013 sauvignon blanc and riesling and presents an alcohol content of 12.5%. 



Wine for cats?


Have you ever thought to share some of your delicious wine with your cat while relaxing in the comfort of your home? As the title suggests, the new trend, or rather, the new fashion for our beloved feline pets has come to us, and, apparently, has arrived to stay. Apollo Peak is the company that is behind this innovative idea.

But do not panic, obviously, Apollo Peak has created a special drink with no alcohol or grapes for our feline friends as these two substances, especially the first, are dangerous and harmful to any kind of pet. With super original and funny names like Pinot Meow or MusCAT, the wines are made from organic herbs and dyes of the same range to make them attractive and delicious for our little friends.

Brandon Zavala is the founder of Apollo Peak, who, curiously, named his company after the name of one of his cats, Apollo. He claims that this drink is like a tea for cats, but since they are very similar to wine colors, he decided to market it as wine to attract the attention of potential consumers and all those cat-lovers. This way, says Brandon, owners will feel they are having a drink with their pet, isn’t that great?

Zavala began distributing its creation in November last year and has received very good response from users. However, the idea is not entirely original. The company Nyan Nyan Nouveau (referring to the colorful viral cat released some years ago), created a similar product but with two big disadvantages compared to the wines of Apollo Peak: 1) is only available in Japan and 2) is made with grapes, which, as mentioned earlier, may be harmful to the health of cats. Brandon Zavala’s wines, on the other hand, are organic and made with beets, which have no negative effect on cats and has been approved by several veterinarians.

Although studies show that the beets are not harmful to our cats, or even our dogs, it is best to consult with your veterinarian before acting. Also, remember that in tastes genres are broken, and, as much as these drinks look delicious and appetizing, your pet may ignore them or hate… after all, they are cats.

 TAGS:Jean Pla Selection Pink Cat 2015Jean Pla Selection Pink Cat 2015

Jean Pla Selection Pink Cat 2015: is a rosé wine made by Jean Pla Selection from the region of Languedoc-Roussillon that is made of 2015 grapes and has an alcoholic content of 13%.



 TAGS:Moscato Gato PardoMoscato Gato Pardo

Moscato Gato Pardo: a white wine from Moscato d’Asti that is made with moscatell.



Wine to overcome alcohol addiction: Is it possible?


Total abstinence has always been the premises for overcoming alcohol addiction. However, in Ottawa (Canada), a shelter for homeless people is conducting a rehabilitation program that includes wine as part of the recovery.

The program – which recently has been echoed by sciencepost.fr, a French online publication, and by the website of the BBC www.bbc.com  is called Managed Alcohol Program (program regulated alcohol, MAP for short) and it was funded in 2001 by two NGOs-the Shepherds of Good Hope and Ottawa Inner City Healthy-. Broadly speaking, the program provides to the approximately 50 people participating measures of 140 ml of white wine every hour and a half (between 7:30 and 21:30) so as to reduce the consumption in a controlled environment.

As stated by one of the directors of the hospital in Ottawa, Dr. Jeff Turnbull, the creation of this program was born with “The thought was that if we could stabilise the craziness of their lives, the day that begins with the search for alcohol and all the complications that occur with that, then maybe we could make inroads with their mental health, addiction to alcohol and their physical illnesses”.

The MAP was launched in 2001 in a shelter for homeless and then in 2010 moved to Oaks center, a permanent residence that offers care and treatment to people who have lived on the streets. Although its implementation has not been easy, and it is, in fact, a program that generates controversy, the staff in charge say that it has saved the city “millions of dollars” by reducing “emergency calls, hospital emergency services, and disagreement with police and medical services.”

For Dr. Turnbull, ideally, everyone should abstain completely from alcohol. However, it is not always possible or feasible, so at least the center “provides stability” and people “are happy, and they have a reasonable standard of living.”

*Imagen: Patrik Nygren

Sour wine? Don’t throw it away! You can take advantage of it


If you have a sour wine in your home and you cannot drink it, there are always other ideas to get the most out of it. Do not throw it away!

One of the best ways to use it is in the kitchen. As long as you don’t drink it from a cup, you can use the sour wine in the preparation of certain dishes and improve those flavors of the meat or fish, either baked or cooked in the pot. With spices, citrus and a splash of wine you’ll be making delicious dishes!

It has always been said that wine is a perfect antioxidant for the skin. It renews it, leaving it brighter and silky, and is used in beauty salons and spa for treatment. Therefore, you may use your own sour wine to make a homemade mask with other ingredients that result in something finer, smoother and brighter for your skin health.

In the kitchen, a sour wine can have other uses. Besides cooking, it’s used to wash fruits and vegetables, because alcohol dissolves impurities and kills those microorganisms that may be in certain foods.

Also, it works wonderfully in our home glasses and crystals. In particular, white wine, because it contains vinegar that we can apply to our windows and clean all of them from our different rooms. It is very recommended you use these sour wines for that benefit, they shall be shining!

And talking about vinegar, sour wine can be used to make some of it too. It will serve to you as an extra condiment for your cooking. Just pour the leftover wine in jars or bottles and leave it to marinate so it gets vinegary. As older the bottle is the more vinegar taste will get, which is perfect. This vinegar will always be of higher quality than the ones we can buy at the supermarket and will give a different flavor to your dishes.

 TAGS:Blanc PescadorBlanc Pescador

Blanc Pescador: is a white wine made by Castillo de Perelada from the region of Empordà vinified from xarel·lo, parellada and macabeo and has an alcoholic content of 11.5%.



 TAGS:Casal Mendes RoséCasal Mendes Rosé

Casal Mendes Rosé:  is a rosé wine from Vinho Verde produced by Aliança Vinhos de Portugal and has an alcohol content of 10.5%.


The Denver Cat Bar: the only place you can have a good glass of wine and fun with cats


Yes, you read it right, cats drinking wine in a bar could be a real thing, at least if you live in the United States. This fashion trend has grown a lot in recent years, you can easily proof that just by looking for entertainment guides for major cities worldwide. From ice bars, children bars to pet bars or even celiac oriented bars.

But what we had not seen so far was a bar completely inhabited by cats, something that a group of cat-lovers from Denver, Colorado (USA) has been proposing through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The Denver Cat Bar, how this group is intending to call this establishment, would combine cats and wine in an environment where customers could interacting with cats rescued from abandonment or street life while enjoying a glass of their favorite beverage.

Thus, those who cannot enjoy the company of these elegant and curious animals at home, by the fact of living in rent (in the United States is quite common that landlords do not allow pet ownership to their tenants), will have at least one place do so while sipping a glass of delicious wine. The bar would also have an area for eating and drinking, but customers can take their drink to the “cat room” if they wish.

The promoters of the establishment intend to raise the not inconsiderable sum of $ 60,000, and they have already won the support of hundreds of small investors, who according to the amount contributed may include your name on one of the walls of the room, place your favorite photo with your pet in The Denver Cat Bar, one night for two with appetizers and drinks on the house or even be appointed official friend of the bar and get a lot more of additional rewards.

It will be nice to bring up these ideas here, wouldn’t be?

 TAGS:Vidigal Porta 6 2015Vidigal Porta 6 2015

Vidigal Porta 6 2015



 TAGS:Campo Viejo TempranilloCampo Viejo Tempranillo

Campo Viejo Tempranillo


Which are better, the Priorat’s wines or the Montsant’s wines?

 TAGS:undefinedIf we talk of Catalan wines, there is no doubt that renowned names as Priorat and Montsant come to mind, both of which have been booming over the recent years. The location for production of these two can easily be confused, as geographically the areas of growth overlap each other. One winery can produce Priorat, and the neighboring one might grow Montsant.

As for the Priorat, it is the only Catalan wine recognized with the highest quality. Even though Montsant does not yet have this distinction, this does not mean in the slightest that it is of secondary quality. On the contrary, both regions produce high-quality wines.

While it is true that Priorat wines tend to be better valued economically, this is more due to the particular organization of the wineries in the different regions, and due to the fact that Priorat has focused on author wines. Moreover, there is a tradition of cooperatives which makes the production system very different from the Montsant system.

There are also differences in agricultural land and weather: in Priorat, slate soil predominates, and this gives the wines a particular organoleptic quality. Also, rainfall is scarce. In the Montsant there is a combination of clay and limestone soils. In addition, rainfall is more generous, resulting in increased quantity in the production of grapevines.

Consequently, while the wines of Priorat consists of aromas and very particular flavors, reminiscent of the predominant minerals in the ground and with a high ranking, the Montsant are fresher and fruity.

So we are faced with two very close wine regions, but with very different characteristics. A question such as “What is better?” Would likely remain unanswered because it always depends on the subjective taste of each one of us.



 TAGS:Scala Dei Negre Jove 2015Scala Dei Negre Jove 2015

Scala Dei Negre Jove 2015



 TAGS:Flor del MontsantFlor del Montsant

Flor del Montsant

What is like to be in the largest Wine Museum of the World?


Wine lovers now have another place to visit this summer. We are talking about the City of Wine or Cité du Vin, located in Bordeaux, France, and occupies no less than 140,000 square feet, a really good and considerable surface to explore and learn about wine culture through the activities they offer.

One of the reason of its importance is that, besides being very big, is flooded with cultural aspects like arts, history and experiences all around wine.

Furthermore, it is an excellent place to live and embrace the wine culture. It hosts a huge wine cellar with over 14,000 bottles to enjoy the flavors and the development of in situ wine. To complement the experience, it has numerous bars and restaurants built in where you can know more of the manufacturers, taste wines and a lot more.

In order to create the best “wine environment” for visitors, the design of the building has been carefully designed to offer and emulate this initiative. It was constructed with a wavy form and has modern aluminum and etched glass panels that decorate it. The facade is illuminated with golden reflections in a truly stunning design. For its striking architecture it has been nicknamed the Guggenheim wine.

The entrance to the City of Wine costs about 20 euros and it includes access to all facilities where the DO from different countries are explained. It also includes tastings and other activities. In addition, there is intense cultural program with shows, concerts and debates about wine.

The newly opened wine museum is active, and right now the audience can enjoy the rebroadcast of the matches of Euro Cup which took place these days in France with wine tastings for the attendees. Being a really beautiful city which holds a very rich wine culture, is no coincidence that the museum is in Bordeaux.

 TAGS:R de RuinartR de Ruinart

R de Ruinart



 TAGS:Ruinart Brut RoséRuinart Brut Rosé

Ruinart Brut Rosé



7 White wines you will rejoice this summer


We are in the middle of the summer and, for most people, white wine is their choice to enjoy this season. Just picture yourself in a terrace in front of the sea with a soft and fresh breeze touching your face while you enjoy a nice glass of white wine. A really good postal card for the summer. However, maybe you are not on vacation yet and the fresh breeze in your face is the air conditioner in your car or office… But, you know, dreaming is free, right?

What we can do here at Uvinum -and that will be our humble contribution to the summer dream- is to share you a list of white wines that could well be part of the picture. And for that, well, you won’t need to invest your vacation savings, because we have the best offers, the best prices and the best discounts on selected white wines.

So, while you wait for that dream to happen, you can enjoy yourself with the following wines, which for less than 9 pounds will give a touch of happiness.

1. Protos Verdejo 2015

Protos Verdejo 2015 is a wine that comes straight from the D.O. Rueda to seduce our palates with its fruity and intense flavour. It is a wine that in the nose is powerful and fruity in the mouth and has a good acidity, good balance and a complex mood.

2. Marieta 2015

The new vintage of the first semi-dry albariño of the history returns to delight with its youthful, intense, fruity and sweet taste, so we can enjoy it one more time. It is very suitable to drink it cool, especially in the hot days of the summer.

3. José Pariente Verdejo 2015

José Pariente Verdejo has been for several years one of the market references in Verdejos. An easy and versatile wine which it’s ideal for appetizers and light dishes, it represents everything for Bodegas José Pariente has worked for so long, a wish come true… and wine.

4. Ampelosaurus Chardonnay 2014

You might find the dinosaur on its label very remarkable, but it’s there for a good reason: the land where the grapes are growth and processed is located in the Haute Vallée de l’Aude (in the Languedoc-Rousillon), a benchmark of paleontology. In fact, some scientists have found a full and almost intact dinosaur skeleton along with some dinosaur eggs in the vineyards of Anne de Joyeuse.

5. Martin Codax 2015

Martin Codax 2015 it’s an outstanding, fresh and balanced wine that can be enjoyed especially well with seafood dishes and fish, in a mix that extracts the best of land and sea. Do not hesitate to try the new vintage of this delicious Albariño!

6. El Perro Verde 2015

El Perro Verde 2015, the new vintage of one of the nicest wines in the Spanish market, has come again willing to make our lunches, dinners and evenings with friends funnier and unforgettable. It offers a fresh, smooth and vibrant flavour.

7. Nosso 2015

This is a 100% Verdejo and 100% organic wine, which it is processed with totally natural procedures and treatments. Through it you will be able to enjoy the smell of the wet earth and the natural grape. It is the lack of makeup that makes this wine strong in character and authenticity. 

4 Myths about Rosé Wine


Rosé wine is a type of wine with a long tradition in many parts of the world, like France, where it is very well appreciated. In fact, historians agree that it was rosé wine which we began to consume for its peculiar and striking color. There are many rosé wines of very good quality everywhere and you can enjoy just as a good red, with a special pairing and among friends and family. The truth is that there are many myths about this wine today and these will be disclosed and explained.

1. Rosé wine it’s a blend

Contrary to what it is still believed in some places, rosé wine is by no means a mixture of red and white. In fact, such mixtures are banned in some countries because it would detract from quality and property of being a wine. What it makes them to have this sublime color is the kind of maceration they go through, which is very short compared with other types of wine.

2. It is not a real wine

Another big myth that orbit rosé wine is about its quality. A rosé wine can have the same or higher quality than any other wine. They contain the most delicate grapes, more delicate than the ones used in any red, this is because rosé has fewer antioxidants, which help to protect wines from reactions and other contaminants.

3. The rosé wine is for women

We are in 2016, XXI century: who would think that something is specifically for a genre? We must open our minds more on the food side, and try everything. No wine is for women or men nor there are wines for connoisseurs and beginners. If you like a particular wine, enjoy it as you like.

4. They can’t be paired

Totally wrong. Rosé wine can be paired with tapas if you like, although you may preferably choose those that do not contain meat. Also, it is delicious with paella, or any meal based on rice, like Asian food, it can be very well enjoyed and paired with rosé.

Summarizing, and taking in account all the above aspects, rosé wine DEFINITELY is a wine and a very good one, which has great references both in Spain and elsewhere in the world. Discover and enjoy them!

 TAGS:Enate Rosado 2015Enate Rosado 2015

Enate Rosado 2015



 TAGS:Miraval Rosé 2015Miraval Rosé 2015

Miraval Rosé 2015



You can’t miss these wines perfect for the summer and your wallet!


One of the most enigmatic and great nights of the year it’s about to start. Summer is still here and we should celebrate it with style. To offer you the best we’d like to propose some wines that you cannot miss. 

Wines for less than £8 with good quality

Cheap doesn’t always mean bad. Nowadays there are a lot of wines and champagnes that are cheap but have a very good quality. Some are young wines that want to make presence while others are recognized brands offering their signature quality.

D.O. Alicante has under its belt some wines that are well worth checking out. One of them is the Marina Espumante, from Bocopa vineyards, a very fresh and low alcohol wine, ideal for summer and celebrations. You can eat with whitefish and other light dishes.

Another recommendation is the Flor de Vetus Verdejo 2015 D.O. Rueda, also fresh, with citrus aromas and kind of fruity, perfect for fish, cheese or smoked meals.

Betting for Rioja is a safe choice. In this case, we recommend their reds to pair with delicious meats, such as the Azpilicueta Crianza 2013, a wine of great warmth, soft and very aromatic. It is especially delicious with cold cuts, perfect for this summer.

Wines for celebrating just between £8 – £20 

When toasting, either with family or friends, you cannot miss a good sparkiling wine. Integral Llopart is made with Chardonnay, Xarel·lo and Parellada grapes, and with great quality thanks to the long tradition of wine and champagne cellar of Heretat de Can Llopart de Subirats. It is a soft and fresh cava, which will lay great for toasting.

Some other wines that exceed the £10 euro milestone that we dare to recommend you it’s the In Macula 2013, a good flavored white wine D.O. Navarra. Very well appreciated.

The Ribera de Duero always gives good results as well. In this price range, the Parada Atatua 2012, a red wine that goes very well when rices with meat or selected meats to celebrate summer nights. It is an elegant one that smells to wood berries, is fleshy and soft.

Deluxe products of more than £20 

For foodies and all kind of food lovers here are some of the best wines to be drunk on special occasions. The tastiest white wines come in the form of tropical freshness. O Luar do Sil 2014, made from grapes of Godello and aromas of wildflowers and tropical fruit from D.O. Valdeorras, is a suitable wine for soft cheeses and fish.

We are taking a look at the best Spanish wines from different D.O. Now turn to a red luxury, worth 50 euros, and called Clos Fontà 2009, from the Priorat. Note its intense cherry color! It has a strong and deep smell and several other spices, such as black cocoa and red fruits. It is a powerful wine, with body, personality, and color. If you are celebrating a dinner with roast meats, there’s nothing better than uncork this bottle and enjoy the fest with your beloved ones.

And when toasting, the cava Sabaté i Coca Reserva Familiar 2008 is exceptional. It presents a golden yellow and transparent color that tastes ripe and dry fruits.

Once you have chosen with whom, how and with what you will be celebrating the shortest night of the year, you’ll be one step closer to have the best time, cheers!