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Booze up your Hot Chocolate


This week, we officially survived the so-called Blue Monday, the infamous “most depressing day of the year”. However, winter is here to stay, and every one of us could use some comfort food after spending the day fighting off polar winds, enduring dark afternoons and surviving icy rains. This is where our “ameliorated” hot cup of chocolate come into play. 

The sweet-powered: Caramel Lush

To start this list, I suggest a delicious caramelised hot chocolate. Its sweet flavours will make you forget about the long day you just had. Just sit down and relax.  


  • Achieving the caramel flavour is the tricky part. The easiest way is to use flavoured vodkaliquor or cream.
  • Alternatively, combine dark rum and caramel syrup for a more intense taste. 
  • Cocoa powder
  • Milk
  • Whipped cream


After pouring the milk and cocoa powder into the pot, bring to a simmer. Make sure the ingredients are perfectly mixed. Add the syrup and the alcohol. Top it off with whipped cream.

Hot tip: add some toffee or hazelnut sprinkles on the whipped cream for a gourmet hot chocolate!

The fresh twist: Minty Bomb

This refreshing hot chocolate will make you want to live in winter for the whole year just to have the excuse of the cold to drink it again and again. This the perfect warm drink for your Sunday morning to enjoy on the sofa before starting the day. 



Place the milk and cocoa powder in the pot, then, bring to a simmer and mix. We recommend replacing the cocoa powder with melted bitter chocolate. Add the mint schnapps and whipped cream. Your hot chocolate is now waiting for you!

Hot tip: To boost the mint taste of your preparation use some crushed mint candy or fresh mint leaves.

The fruit-infused: Soothing Orange

Discover this yummy citrus-flavoured hot chocolate. Admittedly, you are not going to drink it for the vitamin C but savouring it is likely to be the perfect way to spend the evening on your couch while the rain is pouring outside.


  • Typically, Cointreau and Grand Marnier are the recommended alcohol. But do not hesitate to be creative! There are many creams, liquors and bitters available. 
  • Orange zest
  • Cocoa powder
  • milk
  • Whipped cream


Prepare your hot chocolate by warming and mixing together the milk and the cocoa powder or melted chocolate (go for a dark one!). You can also add some orange zest in the pot for a more intense taste. Once your chocolate is at the right temperature, add the orange liquor. Add some whipped cream and sprinkle the orange zest on top. 

Hot tip: use a small slice of candied orange or additional melted dark chocolate to top the whipped cream and create a stunning look.

The exotic-longing: Coco Delish

Bring back some of that exotic summer flavour in your dreary winter with this coconut-tasting hot chocolate! It will remind you of the great cocktails you drunk last summer.


  • Again two possibilities exist, the first (and our favourite) consists of dark Rum and coconut milk.
  • Another possibility is to use flavoured vodkarum or liquor and milk.
  • White chocolate
  • Toasted coconut sprinkles
  • Whipped cream


Depending on the option you chose, put the melted white chocolate in the pot with the milk or coconut milk and bring to a simmer. When you reach the desired temperature, add the liquor and the whipped cream. Add coconut sprinkles generously to garnish. 

Hot tip: to make your cocoa even more savoury, add some cardamom or vanilla extract.

TAGS:Santa Teresa 1796Santa Teresa 1796

Santa Teresa 1796, a Dark Rum with origins in Venezuela which is aged with the solera method. This allows it to acquire a unique maturity and quality.


TAGS:Vodka DanzkaVodka Danzka

Vodka Danzka,  a vodka born in Copenhagen and the bottle is designed in the famous minimalist Nordic style.

How to warm up before Christmas


The days are getting shorter and temperatures are decreasing. Winter is coming. When you walk out the door in the morning to go to work, the cold wind already tickles your nose. And when you leave your office at the end of your working day, it’s already dark and because of the humid and cold air you’re chilled to the bone by the time you get home. There is something that can really cheer you up. Austrians, Germans, even the Swedish people have some great recipes for adults to warm up at home. Of course, you can leave out the alcohol part in case you have children.

Maybe you have already heard about ‘Punsch‘ or ‘Glühwein‘. Punsch is basically hot tea with spices, fruits and rum. Glühwein is hot wine with spices. There are a million of variations and personalised recipes. Here you have my two favourite ones, personally tested and improved by me. Enjoy! 



  • 400ml water
  • Black tea or rooibos tea (Tip: I always use a rooibos-coco-blend or black tea with pepper and nuts)
  • 500ml apple juice (the more you use, the sweeter it gets)
  • 3cm ginger
  • 1-2 chilicotes (Only if you like it hot)
  • Rum (Best: Stroh 80 or something with ABV 80%)
  • Cloves, a cinnamon bar and 3 cardamom pods
  • Apples and oranges
  • A bit of honey to sweeten the punsch

Prepare the tea as you are used to. Then peel the ginger and cut it into thin slices. Wash the chilicotes, cut them lengthway, remove the pips and cut it in small pieces. Next put the tea, the apple juice, ginger and chili in a pot. Add the spices as well as the orange and apple slices and as much rum as you like. Heat the punsch for 10 minutes, but don’t let it boil. Finally you sweeten the hot beverage with a bit of honey. This punsch doesn’t only warm your body but also your heart and brings wintery atmosphere into your home.

Glühwein with almonds and raisins


  • 1 pkg of raisins
  • 1 pkg of almond slices
  • 1 bottle of rum
  • 1 bottle of amaretto
  • 1 bottle of red or white wine

This so-called ‘Glögg’ needs a little bit of preparation. Put the raisins with the almond slices in a bowl with rum (Best: Stroh 80%) and leave it there for two days. Then you’re ready: Heat the wine, whitout boiling it, and put 2-3 tea spoons of your prepared raisin-almond-mix and 2cl of rum as well as amaretto into a cup or a glass. When the wine is hot enough, pour it into the glass as well. Your Swedish glögg is finished and ready to enjoy. 

I bet you’ll love both recipes. Of course, you can always adjust the amount of alcohol according to your taste and needs. And if you want to serve something to eat with the punsch, then there is nothing better than baked apples with cinnamon and honey. Easy and quick, plus everybody loves it. In case you want to prepare an alcohol-free version, just leave out the rum and for the glögg you can use alcohol-free amaretto instead of the original one. It tastes just as delicious as the original. 

 TAGS:Disaronno Amaretto 1LDisaronno Amaretto 1L

Disaronno Amaretto 1L: From humble beginnings as a thank you gift, Disaronno today enjoys a status as the best real Italian liqueur in the world.


 TAGS:Stroh 80Stroh 80

Stroh 80: An ‘eau de vie’ made by Sebastian Stroh from Austria with an ABV of 80%.