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Sex in the vineyard, the females take command

Viña Pomal Alto de la Caseta

Sex to make the best wine. But artificial sex. The pheromones contained in the form of hundreds of bars that Bodegas Bilbaínas, owned by Codorniu Group in a 90%, has spread its 250 hectares of their vineyards.

The female pheromones are actually moth cluster, or Lobesia botrana, and the aim is to attract the males, which with such an aroma but without a trace of females, go crazy and die. So there is no need for pesticides consequently the vineyard gets rid of pesticides threatening the vine, and the result is a fruit much healthier and more sustainable cropping.

The promise of unlimited sexual meetings thereby becomes, in a deadly trap for the males of this moth type, and in the origin of the new wine cellar, the Viña Pomal Alto de la Caseta Reserva 2007.

Alto de la Viña Booth Pomal Reserva 2007 is a limited edition wine, which will become the top of the winery with an estimated price at about 60 € per bottle. 2100 bottles have been bottled.

The wine is a single varietal of Tempranillo hand-selected strains of 35 years old. What is not known is whether such a quantity of pheromone near has aphrodisiac effects on the wine…

The winery has invested in innovation in viticulture, giving it priority over other aspects of processing. Another novelty is the use of airplanes to take IR photographs of the vines, allowing them to check the ripeness of each square meter of the vineyard and pick the optimal time for harvest.

The truth is that the world of wine, traditionally agricultural and artisan, it is quickly becoming more scientific and analytical. It is not the first initiative in this regard, as discussed earlier the use of ultrasound to age wine, or utilization of vine shoots for the production of biomass. The purpose of these experiments is common, to be able to improve the quality of wines using sustainable techniques and unaggressive towards the vine.

Do you want to buy wine made with modern systems? Or do you prefer the most traditional? Will they have an aphrodisiac effect with the pheromones? From here we recommend some wines to help you to conquer your partner. Or at least, enjoying a good time …

  • Follador Cellar -: The “focker” family carries generations developing Follador Prosecco, a sparkling – typical of Italy. One of the most famous is the Follador Rosé “Vita Rosa”, a sparkling rosé ideal to toast for a good evening.
  • Tetas de la Sacristana (Tits of the Sacristan): We’ve talked about it, its good value for money. Perfect for a “before” dinner.
  • El Pecado 2007 (The sin): Is it all said, right? Oh, and that this is an exceptional wine from Bierzo made by Raul Perez, one of the young winemakers who is getting more international recognition. Do not get confused, the sin is not trying this wine.
  • Sota Els Angels Blanc 2009: “Under the angels” is the translation of the name of this wine, a blend of Viognier and Picapoll just ideal to contemplate the starry sky in a summer night, the wine in a champagne bucket and romance in the air.