Tell me where you drink and I’ll tell you what it tastes like


Environmental factors may influence our findings about wine in terms of taste and aroma, this was demonstrated in the Colour Lab designed by a professor at the University of Oxford.

Previously, we discussed that this experiment would be carried out, where participants would be able to evaluate the wines in solid black glasses and subjected to various environmental conditions to assess their impressions.

Charles Spence is the Oxford professor who conceived this laboratory, installed in London, to demonstrate how music and lighting can influence our impressions about a particular wine, suggesting that when we buy a wine on a trip, we try to recreate as far as possible the conditions under which we first tried it, in order to enjoy it as we wish.

Even before, it was generally known that colors affect mood, so Fellini used to bring the actors in his films to a red room to bring out their passion. In Spence’s laboratory was demonstrated how the red light allowed the participants to perceive fruit notes in the wine, while under green light the wine characteristics are most difficult to feel.

Another curious data discovered in the Spence’s laboratory -with 3.000 participants- was that coloring green the red wine, participants perceived much stronger flavors given the psychological influence that color generates in them.

Given these results, Spence notes that the typical white room is not the best environment for a wine tasting: ?professional tasters should consider other environments to judge and assess the wines? according to his own words.

Furthermore, he added that bars are already studying ways to improve their environments to increase awareness and improve the experiences of their consumers through lighting.

Spence is also working with several large producers to incorporate color and sound to tasting experiences. One of them is Roberto Vicente from Campo Viejo.

Today we recommend 2 different wines with the same grape (Grenache-Garnacha) for you to play find the differences:

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La Garnacha Olvidada de Aragón 2010



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Nine Popes 2006

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