Tequila, The Mexican

 TAGS:Tequila is by far the most popular spirit in the Federal State of Mexico and the type of mezcal -or mescal- which is best known inside and outside its borders. Tremendous flavour for a powerful distillate which is ideal together with citrus in its popular versions, even though there are always some who prefer to drink it alone.

Its categories, mixed or pure tequila, make us travel between the most powerful alcoholic flavour and a more intense and marked taste of agave (also known as mescal) although by law only the latter must be bottled in Mexico.

Within each type there are three varieties: ?blanco? (white or silver), ?reposado? (settled) and ?añejo? (mature). You should test the three of them to be able to explore the roots of its contents which go back to the Zacatecas era.

Tequila surprises at first, because it gets warm to our mouth and making our tongue a little numb, so it gets ready for the next drink. But it is all about getting started.

Those who want to really enjoy the tequila, have to start tasting a stew from Jalisco as the ?cochinita? or something funnier as the ?enchiladas?. The spice is a must for our parched and burning tongue ask for punishment so we decide to reward it with a first slow sip and then a fast one from our favorite tequila. As Jorge Negrete said: “Ay, Jalisco no te rajes” that would mean something like ?don?t back out now?.

If we chose a mixed white or ?reposado?, as the Olmeca or the Estirpe, we should drink it in a shot glass accompanied by two others, one with tomato juice and one with lemon juice or lemon and lime juices, slightly lowered with water. Three unlimited tasting sensations phases that will take us directly to the heart of Jalisco.

The gold tequila, also called ?joven abocado?, can be taken after the usual salt and lemon. This tequila is a lower quality one and that?s why sometimes we find it flavoured, as the Tequila Rose Strawberry, in fact sometimes some substances that are not from the agave are added, but in spite of all it is one of the favorites for future generations seeking thrills and different tastes.

Those who know tequila dream of a pure tequila ?reposado? or ?añejo?, as the Jimador, the Don Julio or the Herradura. It can be taken alone, accompanied or whatever, but always with time to enjoy the sensations in every sip. It’s the flavour of Mexico.

Of course, experienced tequila drinkers are required. It is for sure not the most advisable one to start the tasting of tequilas, so it is preferable to choose a bit lower category ?reposado? which gradually awakes the desire to keep trying and putting another peg. An innocent but at the same tough tequila ideal to share with friends which makes us want to repeat.

This distillate has an added value, that of being patient enough to wait, because for an agave plant to be harvested in order to produce tequila takes years. That’s the tequila, and therefore it has all the flavor of Mexico. Getting to drink it you feel a little bit closer to that warm land and its strong flavors and vibrant colors.

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