Terra Alta wines with guarantee of origin and quality

 - Located in the south of Catalonia, Terra Alta wine extends between the river Ebro and Aragon in over 746 km2 throughout 12 municipalities of this region. The climate under these wines are elaborated is Mediterranean, with rather dry summers, slight cold and low rainfall. This results in young wines, wood and fruit flavored, which are becoming renowned and spread across the country and even exported overseas.

The main grape varieties of this DO are the whites Macabeo and Garnacha Blanca and the reds Garnacha and Cariñena, among others.

How are the wines?

Terra Alta offers white, red, rosé, fortified and sparkling wines of high quality. All of them are full-bodied wines, with aromas that exude earthy character, ripe fruits and spices like vanilla or licorice.

Terra Alta, Garnacha Blanca

Within these wines we find the distinction of those of Terra Alta Garnacha Blanca, an exclusivity resulting in white wines with superior quality, not only for being produced with this unique grape but also for their taste. The color of this remarkable white wine is yellow and golden, with great freshness and taste unlike many other white wines, more insipid.

Wine tourism in Terra Alta

Some of the cellars and the same regulatory board boost wine tourism in the region, so they organize routes and arranged visits to learn at close range about the characteristics of each cellar in order to taste the excellence of its wines.

Among these, we highlight the Agrícola Corbera d’Ebre, Andreu Roca Vaqué, Bodegas Pinord, Celler Batea, Covilalba, La Vinícola de Gandesa… The Space of Wine and Oil in Gandesa, within the regulatory council headquarters, is remarkable: a dynamic interpretation center with tasting rooms and tourist information on wine and oil tours in the region.

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