The Black Russian


The Black Russian is a cocktail that comes from Brussels, Belgium. It is named so because of its black colour, and because of the fact that its main ingredient is the Russian vodka. Others suggest that the word Black was added during the period of the Cold War. It was created in 1948 by Gustave Tops, who was the head of the bar Metropol in Brussels.

Tops created the first Black Russian to delight the U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg Perle Mestre. Since then, this cocktail has continued to be developed, and is considered to be one of the sexiest cocktails with vodka, according to men and women. This may be because of the absence of fruit and the strength and character that gives the coffee liquor.

To prepare the Black Russian, there are many variations. This is done especially with coffee liqueur, vodka and cola. Although the proportions vary depending on the tastes, the recommendation is 4 cl of Vodka 2 cl of coffee liquor. Add cola according to your taste.


It is not necessary to mix this cocktail before serving . Place ingredients in pre- filled with ice glass. Mix with a shaker.

Initially, this drink was served in a cocktail glass. But with the passage of time, we began to serve in simple glasses. Many drink it as a digestive.

Today we recommend two great vodkas for an awesome Black Russian:

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