The case of the Bordeaux wine millionaire robberies


A total of 15 people have been charged in the Bordeaux court for the theft of thousands of bottles of wine from this appellation. In total, has been specified that they stole from 18 different wine cellars, facts which the ringleaders began to commit in 2013.

Many bottles were stolen and therefore thousands of Euros lost. In February 2014, after ulterior robberies of similar consequences, the leaders were arrested during the so-called “Operation Cassevin”.

Luckily, they were able to recover hundreds of bottles of the wine cellars in this region. Last week, a French court found guilty the 15 men involved in these thefts, with significant penalties. Specifically, the attackers were William Allard, 53, and his nephew Yoann Gautrau, 27, who were those who took the worst verdict, with a total of four years in prison.

They were accused of stealing and also selling the wine through an organized network. Apparently, Yoann Gautrau, resident in Cantenac, was the ringleader of the network of 15 men, although Gautrau’s lawyer argued that the young man was influenced by his slightly older partners, who wanted to get hold of wines of great importance. In fact, at the trial, a large part of the accused said to share some “fascination about the world of luxury wines, something that was beyond their control”.

One of the robberies they did was in Château Haut-Bailly, with 468 bottles under their belt, while later they went to Château Palmer. Before each robbery, they sprayed the road with chlorine to destroy any DNA trace. And then they burned each of the cars used in their escape. Finally, it is known that the two men stole 3,771 bottles of Bordeaux wine.

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