The new “magic pill” is made with red wine


Some time ago we discussed the beneficial effects of Resveratrol, a component present in the skins of red grapes (and therefore also in red wine) that has begun to be tested by medical scientists on animals, in order to study there benefits. Among them, reducing obesity, their antioxidant capabilities, anti-aging benefits and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Though one of the testing stages Resveratrol is still practiced in rats and mice, it is a reality that it has managed to absorb free radicals and aging culprits to cancer.

The Journal of Physiology recently discovered that these free radicals are necessary for the body to recover after exercise, so that a daily dose of this miracle pill also reverses the effects of exercise, including lowering blood pressure and lower levels cholesterol.
This should not alarm the wine lovers.

Remember that a dose of resveratrol is equivalent in power to 100 glasses of red wine, so it is not possible to suffer the adverse effects through a glass of wine or two. This experiment made on sixty-five years old men during eight weeks.

Similarly Resveratrol component remains the most praised for its beneficial properties since its discovery and remains accessible to everyone from ancient time through a delicious glass of red wine, as we recommend today:

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Palacio de Monsalud



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Dinastia Vivanco Reserva 2005

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