The six grapes most used in the elaboration of Porto


Although Porto is not as popular a wine as Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir, we should not miss the opportunity to taste this wine and know a little more about it. Porto wine (Oporto wine) does not come precisely from a “noble” grape, we might say, but rather a mixture, and there are 6 main grapes that contribute to the majority of the production of this type of wine.

1. Touriga Nacional: is undoubtedly the grape with the most famous reputation of the entire repertoire, the favorite of many producers and farmers and the most used for both the creation of Porto and other table wines. The grape has a thick and dark skin that results in very dark and concentrated wines.

2. Touriga Francesa: is the most harvested grape in the Douro region, the largest and important region in terms of vineyards and viticulture. It is very similar to the Touriga Nacional, and produces much more aromatic wines.

3. Tinta Roriz: This fruit brings an aromatic complexity to the mixture being non native to Portugal, because it comes from the same variety of Tempranillo, which originates in the regions of La Rioja and Navarra in Spain.

4. Baroque ink: it is native to the Douro region, it is the third most harvested variety and gives the Porto depth. However, it must be mixed with other, more acidic grapes as this is very sweet and contains high sugar levels.

5. Tinto Cão: literally means “red dog” and is thought to be the oldest grape in the region, which has adapted very well to the dry and extremely hot climate of Douro. It can be harvested very well even in poor lands and generates high levels of acidity.

6. Tinta Amarela: also known as Trincadeira, is indigenous to Portugal, but is not native to the Douro region. Nowadays, it is rare because the climate does not favor its harvest. However, when used in the mixtures, they produce sweet cherry aromas.

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