Types of wine glasses


The same way that there are different types of wines, each suited to a particular moment, there is also a great range of glasses. Each shape is designed to deliver the optimal conditions for consumption, something that we have to consider.

In general, all the experts agree that wine glasses should be made of crystal glass or transparent glass without decorations and colours. Furthermore, they should be made with materials of the highest possible quality. Also, consider the better the quality, the more expensive the glass. In terms of their form, the goal is to enjoy the taste and aroma of the wine under the best conditions.

Red wine glasses

Red wines are usually served in large glasses with a wide and rounded bowl and a large opening enabling the wine to breathe. By offering a large surface in contact with the air you’ll better appreciate its aromas. Among the red wine glasses, there are also more specific varieties, such as the Bordeaux glasses for instance. These are taller and with a smaller bowl, designed for the wine to reach the back of the mouth to maximize the flavour. The Burgundy glasses are slightly lower than latter, with a wider bowl to better appreciate the qualities of wines especially produced from Pinot Noir grapes.

White wine glasses

These glasses are usually narrower. Apart from enabling the release of the aromas of the wine, they also have to maintain a cool temperature.

Rosé glasses

Although a white wine glass can also be valid for a rosé, there are specific designs for them. Ideally, the best thing is a glass with a short bowl and a slightly flared edge.

The glasses for sweet and fortified wines are smaller than the above and there are a variety of shapes depending on the specific wine. Learn the specifics of different sparkling wine glasses in a separated article of Uvinum.

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