Types of yeast for beer

 - Yeast is an essential element to elaborate beer, since thanks to it the sugars turn into alcohol. In the process of brewing it usually stays at the bottom of the maturation tanks, depending on its kind.

Benefits of the yeast

It is often said that beer is good for health. And in good measure and with no abuse, it is true, as it has many and distinct advantages to the organism. Among the most notable, medicine recognize that it helps people with some anemia, it controls weight and provides many proteins.

In addition, the yeast purifies the skin, contains iron, vitamin B and it’s rich in folic acid, strengthening the body in times of our lives when we are stressed and spend a lot of energy.

Types of yeast

Currently, there are two types of yeast, Ale and Lager.

The Ale is also called as surface or high fermentation yeast at room temperature up to 25° C. It is typically used for home and artisan brewing essentially. While using it rises to the surface during fermentation. The result is a beer with body, with some notes of fruit and pure flavor.

The Ale yeast is often used for the production of some known beers, such as Pale Ale, Porter, wheat beers… this type of yeast is more popular and traditional, and is the one used for centuries before the appearance of Lager.

For its part, the Lager yeast or low fermentation yeast is used in temperatures up to 15° C approximately. In this case, it falls to the bottom of the fermentor during the fermentation step.

It is preferably used for industrial beers, most common, widespread and commercial. With it we obtain beers such as Marzen, Pilsners, Dortmunders and Dobel Bocks, among others.

¿Want a beer? We recommend 2 of the most classic:

 TAGS:Delirium TremensDelirium Tremens

Delirium Tremens, slightly bitter and fruity, its range of flavors belies its high alcohol content.



Duvel, fruity, with aromas close to white wine and also to be taken with caution (8.5% ABV)

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