Which are the new wine-related jobs?


The worldwide rise in wine consumption has led to the birth of new jobs related to this market, in benefit of the new generations. Technology marks this new demand, as in other markets, and oenologists, social media managers or other profiles with digital skills are needed.

One of these positions is blogger and community manager, which helps boosting marketing, especially for those producers who export. The presence in social networks is key to make themselves known and increase their customer numbers.

Other profiles correspond to developers and creators of digital applications related to gastronomy, or specifically, wine. For example, there are tracking systems that work with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

Startups don’t stop growing, and there are also “wine-flavoured”. Those that engage users are quite remarkable, always supported by professionals choosing the right wine for each occasion or developing projects to help tasting professionals, to provide management tools in the vineyard…

Other people are needed to offer all sorts of professionalism and tools in order to monitor the health of the vines, the maturation state of wine… The demands of consumers are getting bigger. Quality in all the processes of wine making is required. So other profiles demanded are related to environmental impact, engineering quality or sustainable development.

In addition to everything related to trade relations abroad. They are demanding people who understand wine, but also with languages and knowledge of foreign markets to know how to operate in different countries.

 TAGS:Domaine Lafond Roc Epine Tavel Rosé 2014Domaine Lafond Roc Epine Tavel Rosé 2014

Domaine Lafond Roc Epine Tavel Rosé 2014: a rosé wine with Tavel DO from the 2014 vintage.



 TAGS:Muga Crianza 2010Muga Crianza 2010

Muga Crianza 2010: a red wine from the Rioja DO with mazuelo and graciano of 2010 and 13.5º of alcohol strength. 



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