Wine Tourism with the Kids

 TAGS:Wait, wait, don’t get angry yet. We know wine tasting is a more of an adult thing, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take your family with you if you’re going to spend a weekend in the countryside tasting wine.

What about a grape juice tasting for kids? And showing them the whole process of wine making? If it sounds fun, let’s see what the eDreams Travel Blog suggests for a wine tasting day for the entire family.

The Rioja Wine Region

Spain has quite a few examples of how you can keep the little ones interesting while going for a wine tasting trip. In the Rioja region, in the north of Spain, the local tourism board proposes a program in which the little ones can see how the wine is made. They get to step on the grapes and jump around the vineyards, participate in grape juice making workshops and much more.

The Navarra Wine Region

 TAGS:Another option for wine tasting with your family in Spain is Navarra. If you get there at the end of August, beginning of September you can get your kids to taste a variety of grapes and teach them how to predict the wine made from them, how to tell how sweet the grape is and how to use a refractometer (you could take the opportunity and learn how to use one yourself!).

Our advice for going wine tasting with kids

  1. Don’t worry about their clothes, let your kids, nephews or friends’ kids have fun and enjoy the whole experience.
  2. It might be a good idea to take a couple of your kid’s best friends with you. Or travel in a mixed group of adults and kids. This way you can relax a bit and watch the kids jump and scream and have fun.
  3. Go in autumn, that’s when the grapes are collected and that’s when the fun starts. Check the flights a few months before so you can get cheap flights and spend more on the wine you’re going to take home as a souvenir.

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