Winebeer, what a mix!

 TAGS:To me this new invention: the winebeer sounds quite weird. Just hearing its name I start getting all kinds of flashbacks as: cherrycoke, this drink with cherry and coke mixed together (puaghhhh!) about which it was nothing good except for the melody of its ad (mostly because it was catchy) and K2, and I?m not talking about the mountain but about that invention that some enlightened mind had of mixing dark and Virginia tobacco in one cigarette … (no comment).

Luckily the ideologues who have taken this step have not gone further than white wine so we will not have to hear about a grotesque mix of red wine with beer. To mix red wine with something we already have the Coke which also originates such a social, cheap and rooted in popular culture drink as the ?calimocho?, which even has its name in Spanish and all. That?s quality.

We must try to understand these brave Americans who invented the name winebeer (even though they did not have to think much to get it). If you go to a bar and ask for it they will do a visual inspection all over your person before they serve anything else, in case you already had too much to drink.

It is said that the original idea combined Chardonnay with lager. But now they are beginning to dare doing the mix using Sauvignon Blanc as well (whaaaaat!!?????). That’s what white wine has, it inspires: sometimes too much. In northern Europe they have combined the white wine with water for years. A light chic plan for those endless days of sunshine that summer gives to you when living in those lands. Days are endless long, although very few a year.

Regarding beer there is many more people who dares to try all kinds of mix. Beer with lemon, also known as Shandy, is the star of the bar at any time during the summer. For those who like it, of course, because I prefer it solo.

However, although its short lifetime, winebeer has already been successful in some contests and beer awards. Minimum we can do is to taste it before keep on speaking about it (or criticizing it). And if anyone has already tasted it, please give us your feedback and tell us what kind of food goes better with … because I can imagine that the food pairing will be quite challenging.

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