Wines from Cigales: richness and taste

 - In our review of the diverse Spanish Denominations of Origin, today it’s the turn of the wine of Cigales, in Castilla y León, located in the northern area of the Duero Valley, comprising zones of Valladolid and Palencia.

It’s a DO that is gaining popularity in recent years, thanks to the efforts of cellars and producers which seek to promote it. According to the regulatory board of this denomination, 87% of its production is sold in bottled form, of which 70% is sold inside Castilla y León and 30% is sold in Spain and also in the international market.


Among the red wines of Cigales, Tempranillo is one of the common varieties, providing rosés and reds with intense color. It also highlights the garnacha and cabernet sauvignon. Among whites, the varieties are verdejo and albillo.

How are the wines?

Mature, soft, with intense color… they are wines offering quality and a special aftertaste in mouth. The whites distill soft fruit aromas and light flavors. The Cigales rosé wines are mature, flower flavored, ideal for combine with first courses in all seasons.

The reds have several varieties. The aged wines have a ruby color that identifies them and taste of ripe fruits and some spices. Something very similar to the Reserve, with balsamic aromas, while the great reserve are somewhat stronger and with great personality. We will choose them for a special dinner with meat or if we have an important visit. With them, we’ll surprise our guests.

Sweet wines

With the reform of the regulations of the DO Cigales, white, sparkling and sweet wines are also elaborated. Late last year, 2011, it was presented as novelty the first sweet wine that has passed the organoleptic control, and it’s already available. It tastes sweet by the reduced sugar and we can combine it perfectly with our favorite desserts.

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