Wines from McLaren Vale, Aussie character

 TAGS:One of the most important wine regions of Australia is McLaren Vale, located near the city of Adelaide. It was founded in the mid-nineteenth century when two English farmers emigrated from Devon, William Colton and Charles Thomas Hewett.

They built their farms in this area and initially dealt in grain activities, and later planting grapes in 1850 to pursue winemaking.

At McLaren Vale there are 88 wineries dedicated to the production of wine, the most of them small family businesses and boutique wineries. This area has a Mediterranean climate and four very different seasons.

The major variety of wine produced is Shiraz, the most popular grape in the area that makes up 50% of local production, in addition to Cabernet Sauvignon (1288 hectares planted), Grenache, Chardonnay (722 hectares planted), Sauvignon Blanc, Petit Verdot, Tempranillo, Verdelho and Sangiovese.

McLaren wines are distinguished by their degree of maturity, structure and power, the thin soils of the area, limited water and warm summers allow harness the force of Shiraz and produce fruit with intense flavors. This purple-colored wine can last bottled for decades.

  • Shiraz: it is harvested from late February to early April and shows characters of berries and spices with dark chocolate and licorice. Shiraz McLaren is famous for its softness by touching the palate, it is produced naturally and has small berries with high concentrations of pulp. 
  • Cabernet Sauvignon: Harvested in late March, it is less famous in McLaren but delicious. This wine shows the characteristic maturity degree of the area. Plum, mint and licorice flavors that blend with dark chocolate flavor in this wine. 
  • Grenache (Garnacha): harvested in April. McLaren soils are well suited to this type of wine, but in wet years can be difficult to grow successfully, producing large bunches of grapes that result in a less concentrated flavor. 
  • Chardonnay: Harvested in March, it is the major white variety of McLaren Vale, distinguished by the feature of ripe peaches in their development; it maintains elegance and some also can feature ripe melon, banana, nuts or fig. 
  • Sauvignon Blanc: Harvested in early March, it features characters of tropical fruits, green olives and asparagus, have relatively high sugar levels, compared to other wine regions growing this variety. 
  • Petit Verdot: wine grapes produced with the same intensity of color and flavor of Shiraz but with the added fragrance of violets, giving it a very special aroma. 
  • Sangiovese: harvested in McLaren Vale in late March and early April. 
  • Tempranillo: a Spanish variety that produces a red wine which matures quickly. 
  • Verdelho: a Portuguese white wine variety.

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