Wines to give at weddings


Wine is a more original gift than the usual presents at weddings. We can surprise the newly-weds and they the guests with new wines, wines of different appellations of origin, those which no one has yet tasted and even original sets or packs.

  • Wine miniatures. In order to provide variety, we can give to the guests at the ceremony several wine miniatures, which are usually bottles of about 50 cl from various regions. So they can taste a bit of everything, both reds and whites. It is an unexpected gift that guests usually like.
  • Awarded wines. You can also give bottles of the best wines that have had some award and are recognized for their prestige. They don’t need to be expensive as some of these wines stand out for different reasons. It is important to put it on the gift card.
  • Packs of bottles and glasses. Packs are also cherished by guests. The mini bottle packs with two matched wine glasses are a perfect gift.
  • Wines from the region. To give quality within the province in which the couple marry, the cellars of the place can make a selection of their wines in small samples to promote the appellations of origin in the region.
  • Design bottles. Another original way is offering design. Yes, the wine must be of some quality, but the thing that must be different is the bottle packaging, with original labels and bright colours.
  • Customized bottles. In order to provide a good memory to family and friends, wine bottles can be customized, by ordering the wine most liked by the newly-weds and applying the desired design to the label, with their names and photos on it.

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