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Bodega Hiriart

Bodega Hiriart

Avenida de los Cortijos nº 38
Cigalés (ZIP Code 47270)
Valladolid, Castilla y León
(+34) 983 580 094
(+34) 983 580 094

Construction of the winery dates back to 1750, using manual excavation of the galleries.

The wine was produced by a beam (wood) in the traditional pressing of which retains the original stone and the fulcrum of the lever.

In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries were built of cement tanks that replaced the mud and wood, reaching a total capacity of 25,000 jars (1 liter jug = 16).

In the twentieth century was replaced by the press of a mechanical press beam of two spindles and later by a hydraulic press.

These "technological improvements" came from the hand of the family of our great-great-grandparents, traders wool with France and that in his many business trips related to families in the region of Bordeaux with great experience in the wine world. The family Hiriart, not only brought their winemaking skills but also their experience in treatments, and subscriber systems pruning of the vine.

On the old warehouse we have built a modern winery, where it joins the tradition with new technologies of wine to ensure quality, objective of our family project. We have also managed to keep intact the old cellar, which has been necessary to make a significant engineering effort in building the new warehouse.

Today we pay tribute to our ancestors who were able to unite and convey the best of the wine culture of Bordeaux and Castilla.

The current winery is based on the old cellar where they produced the wine "clarete" during the previous two centuries.

At the reception you select the grapes before going to "despalillado".

With a modern hydraulic press is simulated the traditional production, avoiding pressure on the grapes to get the best of the grape. It is also used for bleeding of rose wine.

The winery has 4 stainless steel tanks of 25,000 liters, 6 tanks of 15,000 liters, 2 tanks of 10,000 liters and 2 tanks of 5,000 liters where the temperature-controlled fermentation.

In developing the "rosé wine" are made successive Devatting to keep the must in perfect conditions for fermentation. After the malolactic fermentation, the pink wine goes through stages of filtration, bottling and stabilization.

Under the direction of Patricia Práganos, young and experienced Winemaker intend to develop with the same care our rosé wines and red wines from our vineyards, making it a permanent control from the vineyard to be tasted and drunk.

Equally we want to reclaim our rosé wines until to put in their rightful place for its quality.

Bodega Hiriart has got 24 has. of vineyards located at an altitude between 710 and 790 m. about the sea level.

Here are some of the main characteristics of our vineyards and grape varieties.

Viña Quiñones from 1941: Tinta del País, Garnacha, Claireto and Huerta del Rey ( 3,2 has.)

Viña Las Plantas from 1941: Tinta del País and Huerta del Rey (1,5 has.)

Viña La Varguilla: 1 ha. from 1945 with Tinta del País y 1 ha. from 2008 with Garnacha Tinta

Viña Los Arenales from 1960: Garnacha, Tinta del País and Viura (3,5 has.)

Viña Pradoval-Candiles from 1992: Tempranillo (3,8 has.)

Viña Las Aceras from 1996: Tempranillo (5,25 has.)

Viña El Campal from 2001: Tempranillo (3 has.)

Viña La Moratín from 2002: Tempranillo (3 has.)

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