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Juvé y Camps

Juvé y Camps

C/ Sant Venat 1
Sant Sadorní D'Anoia (ZIP Code 08770)
Barcelona, Catalonia
(+34) 938 911 000
(+34) 938 912 100

The winery Juvé i Camps opened in 1921, which sold its first sparkling wine under the "Juve". The winery is due to the union of Juve i Baqués Joan and Teresa Ferrer i Camps and now produces wines and sparkling wines as recognized as: Casa Vella D'Espiells, Ermita D'Espiells, La Miranda d'Espiells, Juve y Camps thousandth, Juve Great Camps, Reserva de La Familia Juve y Camps.

With over 400 hectares of vineyards (including 80 of Ermita d'Espiells) strains are produced in addition to the traditional white Chardonnay. The winery has only ships of aging under the ground, and is always at the forefront of latest technological advances.

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