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Condado De Huelva Wine

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The Condado de Huelva denomination of origin is found in the province of the same name, on the western part of Andalusia. Its mild climate is influenced by the humid winds from the West and the Soutwehst from the Atlantic. The region has an important rains and a characteristic luminosity, with median yearly temperatures of 17° centigrades.

The County of Huelva spans 6,000 hectares, and its main cultivar is the white variety Zalema, in a bigger measure then the Palomino, Listán, Garrido Fino and Muscat varieties. White wines in this municipality are dry, low in alcohol and they are aromatic, with a characteristic fruity aroma.

Condado de Huelva is internationally known for its prestigious generous wines; thus, the Condado Pálido, of a straw-like colour, which undergoes a biological aging process and Condado Viejo, mahogany colour, which undergoes oxidative aging and with a high alcohol content which ranges from 14° to 23°, are the most representative wines in this denomination.
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