Review about Chardonnay Vie Di Romans 2015 from Grand Cru Wijnen

Vie Di Romans (Friuli-Venezia Giulia)

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Chardonnay Vie Di Romans 2015

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The Chardonnay wines of the Roman Vie no hurry. This 100% Chardonnay comes from the Ciampagnis Vieris-vineyard, which is fully planted with Chardonnay. In the nose we smell ripe fruits like pear, but chamomile and floral notes. In the mouth this wine has beautiful beautiful layers with good acidity and a fine balance. The wine is creamy and rich buttery almond, stone fruit, honey, orange peel. At the same time shows the wine surprisingly lightweight, fresh and silky in texture. In terms of this Chardonnay wine offers the complete package. According to Monica Larner from the Wine Advocate, you should not miss this Vie de Romans Chardonnay if you are fond of a nice chardonnay

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