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Mandarine Napoléon (Fruit liqueur)

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Mandarine Napoleon Liquor

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Drunk straight, on ice or in a cocktail: Mandarine Napoleon conquer anyone who try the amazing taste of mandarin oranges mixed with cognac.
As the name indicates, the drink has to do with the figure of Napoleon Bonaparte.
Antoine-François de Fourcroy was a doctor of Napoleon and one day had the idea to mix alcohol with mandarin oranges and mix the resulting distillate with Cognac. Of course, as a great connoisseur of cognac, Napoleon loved the drink and started drinking it regularly with the doctor. From there, the drink was slowly being consumed by the court of Napoleon, which led, from 1892, that its recipie was improved with the introduction of a secret blend of herbs and peppers, which added to the flavor Mandarine Napoleon even more complexity. Nowadays, Mandarine Napoleon continues to be a conqueror, and obtained numerous international awards and being sold in 137 countries, with the same taste and quality that Napoleon tasted 200 years ago.

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