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Mandarine Napoléon (Fruit liqueur)

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Mandarine Napoleon

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The traditional De Kuyper Founded in 1695 in the 11th generation of ownership DE KUYPER family and in 1995, appointed on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of Queen Beatrix about Royal Distillers. De Kuyper is sold in over 90 countries, making it the world's largest and leading liqueur producer. Mandarine Napoleon is a production of great food, first produced in 1892 in Belgium. The original recipe is from Antoine-François de Fourcroy, the pharmacist and consultant Napoleon Bonaparte, and became the favorite drink of Emperor Napoleon. The complex production begins with the careful selection of sun-drenched Sicilian mandarin, which will release in two separate Mazerationsprozessen their incomparable flavor Fresh and dried mandarin peel each macerated separately. Then each maceration is a secret combination of 27 selected herbs and spices such as nutmeg, green tea, coriander and cloves added before both united and be distilled at the distillery de Biercée the picturesque town of Thuin near the French border. His special touch Mandarine Napoleon owes the fine cognac, with whom he is quite rounded and refined to the final. Recommendation The soft cognac notes make Mandarine Napoleon pure a pure pleasure.

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