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The London Gin (Miniatures)

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The London Gin No. 1 Miniatur 50ml

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The London No. 1 is from the unique pure spring water from the sources of Clekenwell, North London, burned. For best English grain from Suffolk and Norfolk is used. While most premium gins make do with eight to ten herbs, give The London No. 1 for a full dozen (!) Of selected herbs and spices from around the world their delicious flavors and thus make it an absolutely unique taste experience juniper from the mountains of Dalmatia , blackcurrants from Hong Kong, cinnamon from Ceylon, coriander from Morocco, lemon or orange peel and iris roots from Italy, angelica root and savory from the French Alps, almonds from Greece, Bergamot from Bergamo, Turkish licorice (which by English master distillers for about a century is used in the preparation of gin, because it gives it a special fine sweetness) and last but not least the gardenia extract, which the No. 1 Original Blue Gin gives its distinctive aqua blue color.

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