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Captain Morgan Rum Distillers (Rum)

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Captain Morgan Original Spiced 1L

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Sold individually not to pack. Sale prohibited to minors. Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. To consume with moderation. This famous rum is named after Captain Henry Morgan (1635-1688), a Welsh adventurer named Governor of the j amaïque lorque in 1680. In 1940 the director of the Seagram distillery giant of the era spirits, arrived in the Caribbean it is subjugated by the business opportunity represented by the spiced rum. Quickly now constructed a vast network of trade relations with the local distillers allowing him to found in 1945 the Morgan Rum Compagny. Two Jamaican pharmacists are then redeem their Spiced Rum recipe for rum manufacture iconic brand: the Captain Morgan Original Spiced. Captain Morgan is now the seventh best-selling brand in the world by volume.

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