Review about Zaya Gran Reserva Ron from Sibaritia

The Zaya Rum Company (Rum)

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Ron Zaya

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Color: deep mahogany with golden honey tones at the edges when it rests on the glass. Nose: The first aspiration reveals vanilla and rum caramel immediately and in dominant fashion. Strong sweet smell that gives way to notes of cocoa and bananas. Eventually a hint of orange peel on the back of the nose appears, vanilla and caramel but still dominating the nose. Palate: rich, lush vanilla and caramel at the entrance, just as they did in the nose. Notes of cocoa persist throughout the experience, while under the strong and sweet flavors hints of apples and bananas are. The body of this rum is heavy and oily, giving an almost velvety feel on the tongue. Final: persistent medium length with a strong presence of cherry accompanied by the ubiquitous vanilla.

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