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England Gins

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    Gin Gordon's 1L

    TASTING NOTES: - Colour: Gin Gordon's 1L is colorless. - Flavour: Aromas crops. - Taste: Refreshing distinctive flavor comes from the best carefully selected juniper berries and a selection of other plant products. PRODUCER: Tanqueray Gordon's...

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  • Bombay Sapphire 1L

    TASTING NOTE: Bombay Sapphire 40% 1L - Colour: Colourless. - Nose: Floral aroma with notes of lavender and roses. Scents of juniper, coriander, lemon and floral notes with a deep and spicy heart. - Mouth: Complex, smooth and soft. Ripe citrus...

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  • Mombasa Strawberry Edition

    TASTING NOTES OF Mombasa Strawberry Edition : - Colour: Pink, clean and bright. - Aroma: Sweet aromas of strawberry and remarkable intensity of floral aromas. - Taste: Elegant and fresh flavor. Herbal sensations, light citrus, anise tones and botanicals....

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  • Tanqueray

    TASTING NOTES: - Colour: Tanqueray is white crystalline - Smell: Notes classic London Dry gins: juniper, citrus and botanical notes with notes beverages. - Taste: Good balance between the notes of alcohol, juniper and other ingredients in...

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  • Brockmans Gin

    TASTING NOTES: - Colour: Brockmans Gin is colorless. - Smell: Predominantly red fruit and citrus aromas - Taste: Dry and very soft on the palate. Its typical ingredients such as angelica from Saxony, Bulgarian coriander and juniper berries from...

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  • Tanqueray Rangpur

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: Tanqueray Rangpur is clean and transparent, - Odor: with the scent of citrus and laurel, - Taste: a predominantly citrus flavor, accentuating the juniper, with soft sweet notes. PRODUCTION DETAILS: It is the only gin that...

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  • Tanqueray Ten 1L

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: Tanqueray Ten 1L is transparent. - Smell: Aroma of liquor neutral and citrus with chamomile flowers. - Taste: Smooth and freshness, achieving a balanced and fresh flavor. ALCOHOL: 47.3% Vol Country: England

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  • Gibson's London Dry Gin

    TASTING NOTES: - View: Gibson's London Dry Gin is transparent. - Nose: The smell is fragrant, fruity and herbaceous. - Mouth: it is found in most common botanists, highlighting the inclusion of rose petals. In the mouth citrus predominate, it's...

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  • Gin Mombasa Club

    TASTING NOTES: - Colour: Crystal and brilliant - Smell: Uncover the subtlety of the most exotic botanicals, angelica root, cassia bark, coriander seed. Surrounded by slightly spicy aromas of clove, cumin and marked with a background of...

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  • Tanqueray 1L

    TASTING NOTES : - Color: Tanqueray 1L is transparent - Nose: highlights the aroma of alcohol , juniper and citrus. - Mouth: The special and distinctive flavor , is smooth and balanced , with notes of lemon and juniper and with a long and spaced ...

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  • Pink 47 Gin

    TASTING NOTES: Pink 47 Gin Diamond - Color: Transparent - Aroma: Citric notes with hints of juniper and spices - Taste: Very soft and smooth, crisp and compelling finish PRODUCER: Old Saint Andrews COUNTRY: England PRODUCTION DETAILS: Four...

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  • Gordon's non-refillable 1L

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: Gordon's 1L is colorless. - Smell: Aroma of natural cucumbers. - Taste: Taste like cucumber. ALCOHOL: 37.5% Vol COUNTRY: United Kingdom

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  • Mom God Save The Gin

    Mom, God Save The Gin is a very cool, nice, soft and aromatic Premium gin. Its exciting personality is the result of the infusion of red berries after four distillations. Its unique softness, vibrant taste of berries and soft finish obtained after a...

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  • Broker's Gin

    TASTING NOTES: - Colour: crystal with sharp edges - Smell: juniper, orange peel and lemon, coriander, licorice, cinnamon, cassia, nutmeg, angelica root and orris root - Taste: light, dry and refreshing on the palate, perceiving citrus,...

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  • Martin Miller's Gin

    ...formula. Alcohol gives unity and character. The finish is long and very nice, sweet fruity notes highlighting. In gin and tonic the result is exceptional because the gin keeps opening and opening allowing to perceive new notes: mandarin, citrus,...

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  • Bombay Sapphire

    TASTING NOTES: - Colour: White crystalline. - Smell: Delicate incredible scent, the use of 10 herbs and spices (liquorice, almonds, lemon peel, juniper berries, orris root angelica, cassia root, berries and grains of paradise snapper) -...

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  • Bombay Sapphire East 1L

    TASTING NOTES: - View: Bombay Sapphire East Gin 1L is colourless. - Nose: The Gin obtained is crisp and light, highlighting the aroma of the same lemon and black pepper over other botanicals. - Mouth: The botanicals used in this gin are the same used...

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  • Tanqueray Ten

    ...NOTES: - Colour: White crystalline - Smell: sexiest Notes: citrus, spices and herbs. Despite its high alcohol content, does not bother, or is present in the nose. - Taste: simultaneous explosions citrus and juniper, which appear after the silky...

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  • Botanic Ultra Premium Gin

    TASTING NOTES : Botanic Ultra Premium Gin - Color: Transparent - Nose: Intense aromas and delicate. Prevalence of citrus notes, with spicy aromas of juniper and cardamom, wrapped in a floral finish. PRODUCER: Williams & Humbert COMPOSITION: The...

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  • The London Gin Nº1

    TASTING NOTES: - Color: The London Gin Nº1 is the original blue gin. A bright turquoise and transparent. - Smell: It is a delicate and elegant nose with pronounced gin seasoned and balsamic notes. A fresh and spicy licorice, along with citrus...

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