Wyborowa (Vodka)

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Wyborowa presents us the Wyborowa (£10.12), a vodka with roots in Poland with an alcoholic level of 40%. The Uvinum community values the Wyborowa with 4,1 of 5 points.
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Wyborowa is the oldest brand of vodka. Coming from Poland, Wyborowa means there "Exquisite". It's made from local rye grain and has won more than 30 international awards since 1930.

Technical sheet · Wyborowa

Category:Vodka (Spirits)
Producer: Wyborowa
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
2L and 1L
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Poland

Description · Wyborowa



  • Colour: White crystalline
  • Smell: Very rich, notes of rye and nuts that conjures up images of fresh bread.
  • Taste: Notes of rye accompanied by soft notes of toffee and minerals. Wyborowa Vodka has an excellent finish. The palate is pleasant, slightly sweet in the mouth point that makes it more tasty and, consequently, diminishing importance of edges caused by alcohol.

ALCOHOL: 40% Vol



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Posted on at 16.23



alcohol content - For Customs # N / A Capacity - For customs 70 Type alcohol - To Customs Other alcohols Country of origin Poland Net weight in kg 1000 g Weight packed in 1 kg, 300 kg
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Posted on at 07.32


I tried it when I went to Poland and this good
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Posted on at 05.06


I found it blameless

Posted on at 12.56


Wyborowa is very nice Vodka from Poland with an alcohol content of 37.5 % Volume 0,7 Liter
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Posted on at 04.11


Color is colorless
Smell points a rich nose cereal notes and spices (Brazil nut)
A creamy taste and delicate texture, with hints of sesame in its lingering finish.
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Posted on at 10.59


Wyborowa is a Polish vodka obtained by triple distillation process of rye grains with copper still and triple filter of cellulose and cloth, mixed with well water. Wyborowa is the oldest brand of...
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Posted on at 09.04


- DETAILS OF PROCESSING: Produced by triple distillation of rye grain of the highest quality and distilled with water from a very deep natural well. He has been awarded 22 gold medals and several...
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Posted on at 12.16


Vodka Wyborowa

Wyborowa is a pure Polish Vodka dating back to 1823. Produced from 100% rye grain, the spirit is only distilled twice in order to maintain its full and rye bodied character. They’ve kept the design...
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Posted on at 12.57


Vodka Wyborowa

Wyborowa is one of the most ancient marks of vodka of the Poland, made 100 % from grain of rye, using a process of double distillation that gives it a sweet and creamy taste and an elegant texture.
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Posted on at 12.53


100% pure rye Wodka Wyborowa will keep in the freezer. This very balanced vodka will be an ideal base to prepare cocktails. Like all wodkas, Wyborowa can also be consumed pure and struck out in the...
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Posted on at 16.51


Vodka Wyborowa

Wyborowa is a pure rye vodka produced in Poznan, a city in western Poland. The brand, created in the late 1920s, was quickly exported: Wyborowa arrived in the US in 1934 just after Prohibition....
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