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Green Spot (Whisky)

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Green Spot

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- Color: Green Spot Irish Whiskey is light amber
- Smell: The nose offers a complex and layered caramel, honey, Bosc pears, with an underlying note of menthol bouquet. Some tasters noticed a nice dusty smell this whiskey, apparently due to aging in sherry.
- Taste: It has a very nice body, covering her mouth. On the palate, offering sweet notes of spice, a hint of smoke, malt sugar, hot candy, and pear notes. Flavors of green apples come toward the end, along with a nice vanilla note
DETAILS OF DEVELOPMENT: A mixture of seven and eight years old, pure pot still whiskeys pure (essentially the whiskeys made from malted barley and unmalted thus distilled in a still and not cut with the grain whiskey), 25% of this whiskey is finished in sherry casks while the rest aged in bourbon barrels.
PRODUCER: Mitchell & Son Limited

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