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Fortified wine

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Fortified wine, also known fortified wine, spirituous liquor or wine wine, is the name of the wine that is made ​​to contain a higher alcohol percentage than normal. A generous wine typically has between 15 and 23°, while still wines (red, white and pink) do not exceed 14.5º alcohol.

The origin of fortified wines is in the 100 years war between France and England. During the war the British could not buy wine in Normandy or in Bordeaux, as hitherto, and had to stock up on distant shores, Oporto and Cadiz. For the wine arrived in good condition at their destination, they were added a quantity of alcohol wine or some brandy (they are headed), giving rise to fortified wines.

There are 2 ways to prepare classic fortified wines:
- Adding wine alcohol wine (must or wine alcohol distilled from wine to not lose their status as wine).
- Using raisins, or botrytis, or sunny, with a higher concentration of sugar to produce more alcohol in alcoholic fermentation.

The best-known fortified wines are those of Sherry, Montilla-Moriles, and some wines that are best classified as candy, the kind of wines Port, Sauternes, Tokaj and Ice Wines.

As for marriage, dry generous wines combine well with the appetizers and the sausages. Instead, a sweet fortified wine is ideal to drink with desserts, chocolate, with foie gras and aged cheese.
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